Monday, 3 September 2012

Harkevich + Conquest vs Gators

In which gators hide in swamps again. Otoh, Harkevich with Conquest is pretty fun.


Aiyana and Holt
Koldun Lord
IFP with Blackdragon UA


Gatormen Posse Min
Gatormen Posse Max

I win initiative so I go first. We also play killbox. Really, we should play scenario >_<

Turn 1
-Koldun lord gives Conquest focus. Harkevich casts Escort and Fortune on Conquest. IFP run. Everyone else runs.
+He runs up as well, making sure to cast swamps and stay in it. 

Turn 2
-Time for some either stupid or crafty shenanigans. Depends on who you're asking really. My IFP charge/run so that 1 of them is front of the spitter. 2 attempt to charge the gatormen who have Iron Flesh on them. The rest spread out. This is because swamps CAN NOT be placed in an area with models in them. They fail to do anything because IFed Gatormen have insanely high defense. Koldun lord gives Conquest focus then Conquest activates. He shoots the IFP engaged with the spitter. That's def 13+4(shooting into melee penalty)-2(with back arc bonus). He boosts, misses but I say 'no, fortune' and then reroll. This time I do hit. With a crit. The pikemen pretty much instagibs. His entire battlegroup is knocked down due to them landing on each other. Conquest has nothing else to do however since they're out of range of his main guns. Harkevich activates, casts fortune onto the IFP because they will need it and then broadsides. Conquests shoots one of the spitters that not wholly within the swamp and crits again. Lol, Barnabas is caught in the explosion and they both take some damage. 
+Right, they kill some IFP and spit at the IFP and Conquest. One of his turtles is left out in the open due to a wrong sequenced activation. One gatorman charges a mechanic but due to the Iron Sentinel passive, he misses.

Turn 3
-I charge his other gatormen and only manage to kill 1. I activate Harkevich, cast fortune and then broadsides. Conquest then proceeds to try and shoot the Spitter nearby. Miss, reroll. I manage to crit it again and send it flying away. During Conquests turn, he starts shooting again and downs the spitters spirit. Everyone else moves right, away from the other group of gatormen.
+He tries to kill the mechanic again. Fails.Spitter spits at Conquest again and boosts damage. Conquest takes 9 points of damage. Wrassler comes out to kill the last of the IFP
Turn 4
-Right, I don't really want to drag this out too long because the last time I fought a list like this with a list like mine, we ended up kiting each other for 8+ rounds. (read previous batrep) Plus his units are within my reach anyway. I think. First Aiyana and Holt activate. Aiyana gives Holt magical weapon and he shoots the feralgeist. It dies. He then shoots the gatorman, it dies too due to it only having 1 hp left. Mechanics repair Conquest. It was down 10 hp previously but now its back up to full. Harkevich activates (and mistake made here) and he walks forwards and feats. Sylyss walks up to protect Harkevich and Koldun Lord sprays. Conquests charges but first tries to take a pot shot at the Wrassler, misses, rerolls with fortune. Still misses. He then charges the spitters and kills the two of them. 
+Barnabas walks forward and feats, knocking down Harkevich. Gatormen kill 1 mechanic, causing Wrassler to move forward due to warpath. The last gatormen of his 1man unit charges Sylyss and kills him, clearing the path and the Wrassler charges over to kill Harkevich.

Thoughts on game
Hm, I would say I made a big mistake when I moved right instead of left with Harkevich in the last turn. I would have been better off moving left, towards the gatormen instead. They probably would have hit me but it would have been much harder to kill me when I was at 21armor compared to their 13 pow. Plus they can't buy attacks like the wrassler can. I might even have been out of feat range if I did that. Well, live and learn. Would also have been nice if I had managed to hit the wrassler during the feat turn so I could have thrown him out of range. 

Overall, I'd have to say I'm satisfied with the list and how it turned out. The no-shooting part of the gator army was annoying at times but basically that's how it works. Fortune + Broadsides make for a very annoying combo, even more so considering the Conquests guns are twin-linked so you have to hit with it to be able to get the extra shot. Hence fortune really helps. Plus if you missed the first time, just pray for a crit the second time. The +2 movement really helps with his threat range too. 

Sylyss and Koldun Lord are really a  must-have with this list because you simply won't have the spare focus to spend on upkeeps. You'll need Sylyss to upkeep a spell for free which leaves you with 5. Broadsides costs 3, you may also want to switch fortune so thats 2 more. Koldun lord helps give Conquest that extra focus he needs to be able to crit more.