Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Harkevich + Conquest vs eVlad + Behemoth

In which the dice troll me several times. 


Aiyana and Holt
IFP + Black Dragon UA
Koldun Lord


Great Bears
Kayazy Assassins

He wins the roll and makes me go first. We play a SR scenario where we're supposed to control points on the opposite of the table.
Turn 1
-Alright I move first. IFP run up.Koldun Lord wishes Conquest good luck and gives him a focus. Harkevich casts Escort + Fortune (on Conquest). Conquest walks up. He looks at the doomies all clustered in a bunch. He then attempts to shoot them. They're out of range and I roll for deviation. Funny story here. Before rolling for direction, I say "1", which is the direction I need to go in to hit him. I roll a 1 for direction. Then for deviation I look at it and judge it to be about 3" till I hit the centre doomreaver. I say "3" and then proceed to roll a 3. Lol. Anyway, my blast kills 3 of his doomies and bounces off 1. Not a bad start to the match. I lay down a few creeping barrages to make his widowmakers and kayazy back off and keep them honest.
+He runs up but this time he makes sure to spread his doomies. 

Turn 2
-Conquest moves up, takes a few more potshots. This time I have enough focus to cast Broadsides. We're sort of feeling each other out right now. I have Conquest but he has Behemoth who can also scrap Conquest. Plus with assail on Behemoth, he can charge the same distance as Conquest. I have reach though. Anyway, I get lucky and crit devastation his Behemoth away. Now he's no longer within threat range. IFP move up to screen Conquest and minifeat. They're now armor 22.
+He feats and rolls a 3. He gives the 3 remaining doomies the bonus and 2 kayazy as well. He then proceeds to rip apart my IFP with pow 16 berserk weaponmasters. He also damages Conquest. Kayazy charge/run and kill some more IFP. All I have left is the UA. Gorman tries to hit Conquest with his bomb but fails. To be fair, it would have to roll a 1 and then roll max deviation of 3 to hit me so it was really unlikely.

Turn 3
-Broadsides! Conquest shoots the Great Bear near Gorman with his attack. It crits! Gorman and Greatbear go flying Gorman survives but is KD. Greatbear...not so much. I proceed to lay down  more fire into the kayazy and creeping barrages where I can, to prevent them from charging. I move mechanics up to repair Conquest as well as block charge lane but then they're too close to the doomreavers. This is where my dice troll me for the first time. I roll a 9 for my command check but Harkevich's cmd is only 8. Oh no, my mechanics are going to spend the turn doing nothing! But then I realise Koldun Lord is a commander...and his command is 9...and he's within range of them... Then I proceed to roll above 7 for 4 repair checks. I wish I rolled this well when it came to damage -_-. Aiyana curses the greatbears. Holt tries to shoot them but fails to kill them. 
+ Doomies kill Aiyana and Holt but fail to kill the Koldun lord. Who's apparently a man among man. Kayazy run up to Harkevich, circumventing the creeping barrages. His last surviving widowmaker is picking off my mechanics. He can't get rid of Conquest so he can control the point and I can't reach his Behemoth cause of all his troops in the way. But his Behemoth is now within charge range of Conquest next turn.

Turn 4
-Koldun Lord goes and sprays Gorman. Gorman goes bye bye.  I broadsides again and I crit the Behemoth again. Lol, fortune + rerolls. Behemoth flies out of charge range again. This is very very fortunate because otherwise I would have had to try and shoot it again just to try and crit. I can not allow Behemoth to reach Conquest at this moment because it's all I have. Conquest then proceeds to slaughter the remaining kayazy and doomies. This time I pass my repair check and with 4 mechanics on Conquest, I heal 15 points of damage off it. 
- He decides to try for an assassination run. Kayazy move to Harkevich who's dry and attempts to whack him. He boosts to hit but fails to punch through Harkevichs armor. Doomreaver walks past Conquest and whacks him, boosts with transferance on and fails to hit. This is pretty much almost game over for him.   Behemoth walks up but since he didn't allocate any focus to it, can only walk normal and thats it. This was a pretty risky play there since he wanted to leave 4 focus to boost attack and damage rolls for the Kayazy and doomies, while upkeeping everything else. Also, his Vlad is now within Conquests 11" threat range. 
Turn 5
-3 focus to Conquest. Harkevich walks up to the doomies, takes a free strike from the Kayazy boss but with 20 armor on, he doesn't feel a thing. He beats the doomreavers face in so that Conquest can charge without taking a free strike and then walks back 1" with overtake. Conquest charges, boosts to hit. Hits. Damage is anything +5. I roll 3d6...and roll 5. WTF. -_- He's now def 16. I whack him again with my other arm. I need to hit on this, otherwise Conquest is dying to Behemoth next turn. I hit. I need to roll 3 on 2d6 to kill him and I roll....4. Which is just barely what I need to kill him.
Thoughts on game
Okay, I don't think IFP work with Harkevich in this list. They're always dying before they get to charge stuff. Probably going to have to switch to the WGDS just for the tough rolls so that even when they die, they get to make tough rolls to see if they survive. I'm horribad at rollng tough rolls though...

We both sort of lost sight of scoring objectives, mostly because I had killed enough of his units that he couldn't score unless Behemoth or eVlad personally moved in and Conquest was dead. I still had mechanics I was planning on using to run forward and try and secure a point if needed. Or block Behemoth's way somehow. 

I've had very good shooting this game. Starting from the first round when I killed half of my opponents doom reavers just cause they were bunched together, to critting his behemoth everytime it was within range to charge me. This may have been why he feated so early, to try and get rid of Conquest while he still had some hard hitting units left. The greatbears and the doomies were the most dangerous units on board to the Conquest but the greatbears never made it in due to being shot to death and the doomies only have 1 attack per turn.