Tuesday, 11 September 2012

KR Multicase Kaiser 3

So recently I've had to get myself another transport bag due to my ever-increasing number of minis. (And mostly thanks to the Stormwall and Conquest -_- COLOSSALS ARE COLOSSAL!!)

So what did I get? Most people I know tend to favor the Battlefoam series of bags but that wasn't really an option for me due to the cost of bringing them over. Another thing I didn't really like was the fact that basically if I had to get another foam tray for even more minis, I didn't really have any good place to store it. That and the fact that all their FRIGGING foam bags are different sizes. Dudes, seriously, pick a size. Or even 3.

Right, anyway, this review isn't about battlefoam (as you've probably guessed from the title). It's about another brand that I've decided to go with.
KR Multicase to be precise. 

Their website is confusing, as are their foam layouts but in general, I've found that if you're confused, you can always drop them an email letting them know what you have and they'll let you know what you need to store/transport it.

This is the bag that I got. It stores 3 of their so-called KR units. 1 KR unit can fit into 1 of their hard cardboard boxes or you can store it directly into their aluminium cases. I've used the 2KR aluminium case before and it's nice but I found myself missing pockets (because it has NONE) So I went for something with pockets this time. The cardboard is pretty decent, though not really something I recommend you get wet. 

As you can see, it has nice big pockets in the front and a nice big pocket to the side as well. There's even a small partition in the front for large books/codexes you need to bring with you.

 This is the view once I've put all three KR units into the bag. The only thing I really worry about is the weight of the thing and whether the stitching can hold up or not. So far, there don't seem to be any issues but I do tend to worry about such things. 

As you can see, this is the layout for one of my KR units. A full KR unit will store 3 stacks of the top layer of this picture. I've had to cut the foam a bit to modify it just for my IFP (damn you IFP and your bendy spears!!) but other than that, I've managed to fit them into 1/6 of a KR unit with extra slots left over.

But what about the colossals? Which were one of the main reasons I got new foam. Well, suffice to say KR works fine for storing them, although I've had to store them off their base to get them to fit. As you can see, I've fitted them into a huge foam tray that basically takes up the full height of a KR case. This is from one of their pick and pluck trays and I've managed to pluck out the widt and breadth of the foam before customising it a bit to m needs. As you can see, the Conquest is a LOT larger than the stormwall. I've magnetised the base and the arms and other extraneous bits and I'm planning to scoop out the middle part between the two colossals to store them in.

Here's another pic of how I've customised my foam so that my conquest can ride in comfort. It's supported on both sides and on the bottom as well so it fits in pretty snugly. Sure, it's not battlefoam customised foam, but it also didn't cost me 20+usd before shipping -_- So I guess it sorta evens out.

TL;DR I would recommend KR if you want a cheaper option that also allows you to store multiple armies. I find it better for my peace of mind if my miniatures were stored in foam that were then stored into hard cases instead of just left lying around somewhere. Considering the cost of a battlefoam bag, buying another one just to store the minis isn't really an option I would consider.