Saturday, 8 September 2012

Harkevich + Conquest vs Bane Thralls

Bane Thralls...the bane of any shooting list -_-


IFP with Black dragon UA
Aiyana and Holt
Koldun Lord


Withershadow combine
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Bane Thrall with UA

Right, he wins deployment so he goes first.

Turn 1
-He runs up. 
+How on earth do I deal with TOUGH, stealthed, weapon masters? Who can get ghostly thanks to spells. Seriously. Anyway, I shoot and try to lay down some creeping barrages. IFP move up into position.

Turn 2
-He runs his thralls forward again. 1 dies to the barrage surprisingly and another makes its tough roll. 
+I send 2 IFP to tie up death jack while the others take care of the front row of the bane thralls. I really shouldn't have bothered mostly because I forgot 2 things, Tartarus can add bane thralls for models he kills and deathjack heals for living models he kills -_- Anyway, between them and the conquest laying down fire, they kill a few models. I'm trying to use the IFP to tie down the thralls because Deathjack has deathward on him, making him armor 21 which means I'm rolling at -8 to damage. That's before rolling to damage it. And if I don't kill it when I engage it, it will just kill my IFP and heal to full. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Meanwhile I use my feat too early while worrying about the bane thralls.

Turn 3
-IFP get severely mauled this turn. In fact, he kills all but 1 of them. 
+I lay down creeping barrages cause his unit is stealthed and more than 5" and try shooting deathjack. Not much damage done. Aiyana and Holt make it so that bane thralls take +2 on damage rolls. Lone pikemen charges and kills unit boss for the bane thralls. Mechanics kill some bane thralls. 

Turn 4
-He kills the mechanics and Holt with spells. 
+I make a mistake and move the conquest towards deathjack instead of further up towards the bane thralls. I really have no idea what I was thinking at this particular point. It really made no sense in hindsight because deathjack is speed 6. His threat range is 9.5". Conquests is 11" with escort on. Why would I not wait for him to come to me???

Turn 5
-He kills Conquest by casting Feast of Worms on it. He even boosts to hit but then the dice troll him by rolling all 1s. He deviates but still hits anyway cause the chicken is less than 8" away from conquest. Everything charges into conquest and his damage rolls are godlike. It's literally 5 or 6 for every single die. Conquest dies. With nothing else left on the table, I concede.

Thoughts on game
Okay, wtf was I thinking during turn 4? There's something about Harkevich that addles my brain I think. Probably because my mind just goes into this algorithm where it casts broadsides repeatedly.

I think I had issues with the bane thralls because I've never faced them before and I was seriously wondering how I would kill them. A local Cryx player tells me I should have just walked into them because I had thinned out a few of them before hand and I probably could have survived their counter attack. Especially if I had used my feat that turn. Then everyone should have just waited for death jack to come over and beat the gears out of it. 

Although I'm also thinking about how to deal with Bane thralls in future games. It seriously seems like WGDS may be the answer because 'stealth? Sprays don't care for stealth' and with fortune on, Joe can still give the WGDS tough instead of boosted attack rolls because they just need 7 to hit the thralls. That's doable with a reroll. Plus it helps clear out several of them at a time compared to IFP which can only take down 1 at a time. 

Another thing I've noticed is that Aiyana's special ability, the Kiss, works somewhat decently with creeping barrage. Because it's +2 to damage rolls against the unit, which includes creeping barrages. That upgrades barrages from pow 6 to 8 effectively which makes things a lot easier. Not super easy but it's a LOT better than pow 6 >_<