Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vlad3 vs Borka

Iron Flesh + Set defense = WTF for Doom Reavers


Kovnik Markov

-Keg carrier
-Dire troll bomber
-Earthborn dire troll

Fennblades + UA
Fellcaller Hero
Stonescribe chronicler

We play a SR2012 scenario since I'm practicing for one. Basically, we need to control a 12" zone in the centre while our caster is base to base with 1 of 4 objectives located throughout the map. 7 min timed turns are killer -_- I win deployment and go first. Didn't manage to take a lot of photos due to the fact that 7 mins turns made it really hectic and I forgot.

Turn 1
-I make sure to deploy my units correctly, with Vlad at the forefront. This is very important because you don't want to screw up your own charge lanes later with Vlad. Doomreavers run forward in a sort of flanking movement so that my forces form a U shape with doomreavers to the side and the Uhlans+Fenris to the back. Hand of Fate is cast on the Uhlans and Infernal Machine on Drago.
+He runs forward as well. He casts IF on the fennblades. His fennblades fail their terror check but rallied at the end of activation. 

Turn 2
-Right. So IF fennblades are notoriously hard to kill. Especially with set defense. When my first unit of doomies barely even scratches them due to the fact that they're insanely hard to hit, I decide 'screw it' and just walk the other unit up to them to hit them instead of charging. He fails terror check AGAIN. Lol. All in all, only killed very few of them. Otoh, his own fennblades are blocking his warbeasts from moving in. 
+He wants to use vengeance for his fennblades but I point out that fleeing units can not move outside of their normal activations. They also can't make attacks. He kills an Uhlan with the Bomber, shoots some doomreavers with impalers. He passes his rally check for his fennblades. 

Turn 3
-Yeah...Draco walks up to the fennblades and says boo. He passes this time though. Then Fenris walks up. He still passes. Damn, guess it was too much to hope for. But then again, I have 4 different units that cause terror in my army.... I kill off a fennblade thats in the zone, doomreavers try to kill off the IFed fennblades who either make tough or I fail to hit them. But I clear the zone. Vlad then runs to the point to control it and I gain a point. Never say I don't play to the scenario sometimes >_<
+Lots of doomreavers die to his now active fennblades. Impaler shoots and crits Drago, sending him back and knocking him down. He moves his earthborn into the zone to try and contest it. He casts IF on Borka. 

Turn 4
-Right, I try to clear him out. Markov charges Borka but fails to do much damage at all. -_- Seriously bad rolls here even at pow 16. Earthborn is still alive. Drago walks and forfeits action since he's too far for Vlad to give him focus. I cast windwall on Vlad and move him slightly up. A bit too far up it turns out. I COULD try to assassinate Borka now but he has IF up so it's iffy. Plus he has stumbling drunk, which is annoying. That and I only have 40s left on the timer makes me not want to do it. There is NOTHING worse than trying to assassinate someone and then being told 'time over' in the middle of it and then having your warcaster stuck in a very vulnerable position....
+He kills my last few doomreavers. He then moves more stuff into the zone. Borka then tries to assassinate Vlad, which is a very risky but potentially very rewarding move. He casts mosh pit on himself and then charges Vlad. He hits and KDs Vlad. He spends all his fury but fails to kill Vlad. He then tries to shoot Vlad until I remind him I cast wind wall. He tries to kill me on deviation anyway. After all is said and done, Vlad is still alive and Borka is next to him.

Turn 5
-Right, Brain damage from Borka's weapon means I can't cast spells or upkeep them. Wasn't planning to anyway. I spend the focus to beat Borka. Except I forget he has stumbling drunk. >_< Sadly for Borka however, his stumbling drunk moves him even closer to me and he never really escapes my reach weapon . I just barely barely manage to kill him after spending all 7 focus. 

Thoughts on game
This could have been better played on my part. True, his fennblades clogged up his units but they also clogged up mine because I couldn't find a way to reliably get rid of them. Frigging def 17 on a charge -_- Or 15 without charge. With tough to boot >_< Worst nightmares for doom reavers with berserk or mat 6 without charging uhlans.

Ideally, what I should have done was circle him with my Uhlans and cavalry. My speed is 9 with dash and I seriously could have just run around his fennblades so that I could get at the meat of his army, ie. his warbeasts. Instead, we both played a bit of a waiting game in the centre. Again, formation is very very important to this list.