Saturday, 29 September 2012

Facing the Tough Terminus army

Let me just say, this army list was pretty tough to face.




Bile Thralls
Withershadow combine
Darragh Wrathe

I win deployment so I go first. Another SR scenario this time which involves controlling the middle of the map.

Turn 1
-Right. The standard formula applies. Vlad casts Dash, infernal machine on Drago, Hand of Fate on Uhlans, charges something in the distance and fail charges. Everyone else runs.
+He Runs up as well.
Turn 2
-Right, he's within position. First unit of Doomreavers charge, berserk, make tough roll, berserk, make tough roll etc. Vlad activates, feats, charges moves up, sidesteps, sidesteps then sprints away. Fenris charges into the slayer and downs it's cortex and movement. 2nd unit of doomreavers move up, but before I can move my uhlans, the time limit is up, even with the extension.
+Right, Terminus feats. Mechanithralls and bile thralls proceed to kill doomreavers. Terminus gets 10 soul tokens extra, meaning he's sitting at about 30+ armor -_-

Turn 3
-Right, I can't really do anything about Terminus this turn. There's NO way I can punch through armor 30. My doomreavers try to kill whatever they can kill. While my Uhlans and Vlad run to one side of the scenario point to try and prevent him from getting a point.
+More doomreavers die. Drago loses his arms and cortex

Turn 4
-Right, I run Vlad all the way behind Terminus, in the hopes that he can somehow survive Terminus's crazy 30 armor round. My hope is that since I'm actually in the back arc of most of his units, they can't get a charge bonus on me. Uhlans charge what they can. 
+Wrathe casts deathride. Everyone turns to look at Vlad. Oh ----. Vlad dies. 

Thoughts on game
Note to self. Kill Wrathe first next time. 

This battle highlighted several glaring deficiencies in this army list. While I do like the idea of having 2 units of doomreavers, I really really lack some shooting capabilities. I may switch out 1 unit of doomreavers for 2 mortars so that while my units are advancing, the mortars can shell the infantry. This would provide me with some measure of range and best of all, they can attack from behind my cavalry line. It also would have let me punish Terminus a bit for being a large based model among small based models -_- Sure, he can pass the bullet around but it's a 4" AOE. He's going to get hit either way.

Also, the sad part is that Vlad's blood quenched is absolutely useless against an undead army. Flashing blade is still useful though. Actually, this whole list was kind of...bad against Terminus, thanks to the fact undead also don't feel fear. And I have 4 fear inducing units in the list for a reason.

I would have liked to have been able to send in my whole army on turn 2 but due to time constraints, wasn't able to activate my uhlans at all. It was sort of a waste of my feat due to the fact that only Fenris and Vlad got to benefit from the feat. Probably could have reduced his army by a lot more if I had, thanks to impact attacks. Still couldn't have done anything about the crazy armor 30 Terminus though. Next time, I'll consider sending in my uhlans first then my doomies.