Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Karchev VS Strakhov

More SR training underway. In between this, work and painting up my models for the SR, my schedule is packed.




Nyss with Valachev
Min Uhlans
Kovnik Markov
Great Bears

Right, I win deployment so I choose to go first. We're supposed to control a huge zone in the centre, which is going to be pretty hard considering he's got a mass of units and I've got a mass of units.

Turn 1
-Karchev takes the +2 mov, tow and sidearms behind the wall. Boomhowlers get 4+ tough and run. Everyone else runs as well, including the mortar crew who are trying to get into position. 
+His units run up as well. He moves the Nyss up to shoot at the boomhowlers and then Valachev zephyrs them back 3". Behemoth tramples up and then shoots thanks to subcortex

Turn 2
-Hmm, I may have played my previous turn wrongly. Right now Behemoth is within my power slide zone and I'm very tempted to try and kill it off but Karchev is facing the wrong way. So I decide to play it safe. The mortar crew fire off first and kill a few Nyss. The boomhowlers run/charge and get 4+ tough again. Behemoth fires off a few more AOEs and picks off a great bear. Karchev moves and tows Behemoth to safety. 
+He moves his great bears up. Nyss tries to kill a few more boomhowlers. He charges my boomhowlers with his Uhlans.

Turn 3
-I see his behemoth within range and Karchev is now facing the right way and is upkeeping Tow. I give 3 focus to Behemoth. The Boomhowlers charge where they can and those that were knocked down move normally. They kill 1 great bear. Karchev charges a boomhowler, tows Behemoth behind him. He feats to give Behemoth a free charge. Behemoth goes into Behemoth and scraps him. Now I hunker down with Karchev with 2 focus and try to survive random assassination vectors. Demolisher shoots and kills a few more Nyss. 
+The good thing is that Strakhov does not have a clear charge lane to Karchev. He could try to over run but he would need to kill a model first and the only model within his charge distance is...Behemoth. Good luck trying to kill that and STILL have enough focus left to kill Karchev -_-. They try to clear the boomhowlers clogging the lane to Karchev and manage to do so. Then Markov tries to turn to charge Karchev but because of the angle of the bases, he ends up out of reach to Karchev! Failed charge! Uh-oh. Strakhov decides to run before he gets smacked by an angry Behemoth next turn. 

Turn 4
-Right, things are simple now. Boomhowlers try to kill the uhlan. They fail. Karchev casts unearthly rage, charges the Uhlan and 1 shots it. He's sitting on 3 focus now. Behemoth turns around, waves to Markov and then 1 shots him as well with Unearthly rage on. Demolisher tries to kill Valachev, misses both times.
+Strakhov decides to go in the for the kill. He charges a boomhowler now that Karchev is out in the open, kills the boomhowler and over runs off it to Karchev. He buys and boosts but it's not enough to take down the man in the machine. The lone Nyss in range charges Karchev as well but fails to dent him. It's all over for Strakhov.

Turn 5
-Karchev casts unearthly rage. Pow 19 Axe meets Strakhovs armor 16 face. The End.

Thoughts on game
Okay. I need to get an actual unit of boomhowlers now. They don't need much support for infantry, which means they're perfect for Karchev. Plus they function as a much needed tarpit while Karchev tows his jacks to the position they need to be in to do as much damage as possible.