Monday, 10 June 2013

eSorscha vs eStryker

eStryker, the one man who can probably take down a Colossal by himself with no issues. 


Kayazy with UA


Boomhowlers with UA
Journeyman warcaster

We play SR scenario 4 and I go first. As usual, Sorscha is deployed out in the front so I can charge/freezing grip someone if needed. Granted, I can't use this as easily as I can in previous matches because eStryker's threat range is frigging HUGE. But still,it's an option

Turn 1
-Kayazy run up left to protect my own objective. Conquest runs up straight. I'm hoping to place him in the zone later while screening him so that Stryker won't get any funny ideas. Greylords flank to the left, towards the stormblades who are only def 12. eSorscha moves up and casts IF on the kayazy. 
+His boomhowlers run up the right flank, towards my objective. He purposely keeps them further away and puts arcane shield on them so that they're extremely hard to kill. Stormblades run up the left and hide behind a wall. Ol'Rowdy and Stryker follow up from behind, while casting deflection. This will be an issue if Ol'Rowdy and Stryker continue to stick together because his def against melee will be 18, making it very hard to hit him. Black 13 walk through the forest, as does Eiryss. Eiryss tries to shoot the Kayazy and then I point out to him they're stealthed. Nothing else in range for him to shoot either so he gives it up. 

Turn 2
-Kayazy order a charge towards his boomhowlers. Only 2 of them make it into contact while the rest run to space themselves out. They kill the ones they charged but one makes its tough roll. Greylords move up and spray the stormblades. I manage to hit with them but my damage rolls are atrocious. They're armor 17 and I just need a 6 to kill them. I've managed to hit them multiple times with the spray, a total of probably 9 times but I only manage to kill TWO. Conquest walks up and attempts to shoot Ol'Rowdy, which I do. Then it attempts to kill the Black13 and Eiryss with deviations from its linked gun. I actually hit Eiryss with a deviation but roll horribly on damage. Sorscha hides behind Conquest

+Time for the retaliation. His Eiryss snipes off the IF on my Kayazy. His Black13 try to kill Kayazy but fail. Boomhowlers charge up towards the Kayazy and Objective. The objective survives barely. Which is a good thing because my underboss was right next to it. Ol'Rowdy charges up to a Greylord and kills. Stormblades charge the greylords where possible and run where not. Stryker moves up and kills the objective but sets himself on fire. This earns him 1 point. 

Turn 3
-Not really one to overlook a gift, I give 4 focus to Conquest. I move up and feat, catching Ol'Rowdy in it and then cyclone further away. I still don't want to be near Stryker's 20" threat range. Conquest walks up, kills Ol'Rowdy, missing with only 1 attack. Remaining Greylords try to spray the remaining stormblades to death but still can't kill all of them. Kayazy order mini-feat and I charge the boomhowlers, including the leader; Gregore. The kayazy underboss does a 1v1 duel with him and finishes him off. 
+Well, Ol'Rowdy is gone but now I have to worry about Stryker. He rolls for fire and it doesn't go out and he ends up taking 5 damage. Yes, now he can not roll 3 dice for overload because his chances of dying got that much higher. He decides to try and take down Conquest anyway. He rolls for overload with 2d6. Gets a 5. Then he rolls for damage and gets....double 6s. Which kills him. Yep

Thoughts on game
It really could have gone either way. Thankfully, he got himself set on fire, which caused him to take damage, which made it so that he could only overload on 2d6. Otherwise my Conquest would probably have died horribly. As it was, we played out what would have happened if he didn't die from Overload, Conquest would still have been left with roughly 20health, which wouldn't have been enough to kill it and Stryker would have been frozen due to the bond. And still on fire.