Thursday, 27 June 2013


Well, turns out I've gone past the 100,000 hit mark, which isn't really much but hey, it's a milestone. Apparently people do read my blog, although really, I'm not really sure who does. I do know some people I know in real life do read it though, so props to them. 

It's been about 15 months since I started this blog and though I used to update a bit more frequent than I do right now, the focus seems to have shifted a lot to warmachine batreps and movie impressions from a more generalistic blog. I'm hoping to shift the focus a bit more because it might get stale just looking at batreps over and over again. Not that I'm playing less warmachine; I might even be playing more seeing as how I'm about 7 batreps behind... 

But just in case anyone's reading this, thanks for reading this blog. Obviously you think there's probably something worth reading on here and I hope I can keep providing it in the future.