Tuesday, 25 June 2013

pStryker vs pMakeda

Alright, testing out a new list with the new Stormblade Captain


Journeyman warcaster
Stormblades with UA with 3 gunners
Katherine Laddermore
Alain Runewood
Stormblade Captain

-Molik Karn
-Basilisk Krea

Beast Handlers
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

So right now I'm testing out the stormblade captain. By the way, the card on War Room says it's a storm blade solo when in actual fact, it should read it's a Storm Knight solo. Which means it's affected by it's own ability. Katherine is in to finish off warbeasts or pesky solos while the stormguard are meant to shield the stormblades. I'm going to have arcane shield on both units, which means they're effectively armor 18 against shooting. Alain is in there cause sometimes, MAT 7 is just not enough. We roll for scenario and get Scenario 1; Destruction and I end up going first.

Turn 1
-I give 1 focus to hunter. Journeyman moves up and casts arcane shield on the stormguard. Stormguard run up the center towards the zone. Stormblades run up behind the stormguard. Stryker walks up, casts arcane shield on the Stormblades and snipe on the hunter. Squire runs to Stryker. Stormblade Captain runs up as well behind the stormblades. Katherine Laddermore runs up to the left of the stormguard and slightly in front of them. Hunter walks into the forest at the left side of the table. He's still too far to shoot anyone. 
+The cetrati run up the center, towards the zone. Molik and the Gladiator run up the left edge so that they're more towards the left objective in the zone. pMakeda moves up and casts defenders ward on the cetrati. Paingivers hang out at the back with Makeda. Basilisk follows behind the Cetrati and pops it paralytic aura. Agoniser follows far behind Makeda. 

Turn 2
-I upkeep both arcane shields and snipe. Hunter gets one focus. Stormguards run up into the zone. Stormblades run up to just slightly out of the zone. Unless he can kill all my units in 1 turn, I'm not really that worried he will score a point. pStryker pops his feat and I have to remember to move out of the killbox so I failcharge Molik Karn. Katherine goes to hide behind the stormblades because I know one of his warbeasts is going to be coming in later. It's just too tempting a target. Hunter stands still and snipes Molik Karn but deals very little damage. 
+I was right. Kinda. Anyway, Makeda casts savagery on Molik and Carnage, then he feats. His Cetrati charge my stormguards and kill 1 of them. Even with weaponmaster, armor 23 is hard to crack. I also totally forget they have set defense so that means they may have missed with some of them. Gladiator rushes Molik Karn and Molik Karn walks up and ends up taking a freestrike from a stormguard that deals 2 damage. Rolled really really low on it. He then tries to kill my stormguard blocking his way. Hit but his damage bounces off so he can't side step in. That's bad and he forgot the use of future sight which he realised after his attacks were over. Hits again but this time he boosts the damage and sidesteps in. But now he's in a huge mass of infantry. Instead of using fatewalker on himself; and potentially taking a LOT of freestrikes on the way out, he decides to try and kill every enemy he can. Which isn't a lot.  In reality, he was trying to get to Stryker and kill me but that was a pretty pretty long shot. His paingivers charge stormguard to try and kill them. Miss horribly. At the end of turn, he discovers he's still in killbox, which gives me 2 points.

Turn 3
-Die molik Karn die. I give 1 focus to hunter, upkeep both arcane shields but drop snipe. Now for the fun. First the stormguards charge and kill a Cetrati with CMAs. I actually damage someone with the electroleap, which is amazing since they're armor 18. Alain gives the Stormblades +2 to charge attacks. Stormblades then charge through the stormguards into Molik and some cetrati. With the assault, I managed to severely damage Molik so it doesn't matter if only a few people made it into base contact with him. He soon dies from assault and charge attacks. One more cetrati dies. Katherine charges up into another Cetrati and offs him. Stormblade captain moves up. I'm just using him for his passive abilities at the moment so I don't want to risk losing him somehow. Hunter shoots the titan.
+ His turn to inflict the pain on me now. His feat brings back 3 cetrati and he places them off to the side. Makeda walks up and casts carnage. The Cetrati decide to move up and walk to my stormguard/blades/Katherine and kill them. Still, only of them can do so this turn due to the way he positioned his returned units and because he forgot his returned units can't move in the turn they were brought back. Paingivers charge my stormguard/blades again to try and AP them to death. His agoniser runs towards my warjack. 

Turn 4
-At this point, I only have 3 stormguard left so I drop the arcane shield on them. I give 1 focus to the hunter. The stormguard charges forward into the face of the enemy. I'm trying to clear out a path so that Katherine can charge towards the titan and hurt it. Between the stormblades and the stormguard I manage to do so. The stormblade captain even charges this turn. Once i've cleared out a path, I suddenly realise something. I ALSO have a straight line to Makeda. Sure, it's blocked by my storm knights but hey, that's what the stormblade captain is for. Stryker casts Arcane shield on Katherine to help her survive and she charges forward, impacting the 2 paingivers right in front of Makeda on the way. Even if she didn't kill them, I was still within 2" so it was ok. But I killed them. I roll to hit Makeda and hit with the charge attack but failed with the assault shot. Anyway, I roll fairly low and deal 7ish points of damage to her, which she takes. 
+ Cetrati move forward to kill more stormblades. The willbreaker influences my stormblades to whack their own captain and succeed. The paingivers try to AP stormblades again but misses. The titan slams Katherine but doesn't kill her. It does leave her knocked down and Makeda follows. She ends up casting defenders ward on herself and ends up killing Katherine, dismounting her and then boxing her normal human form. Grand total for blood quenched though? 2. Apparently Katherine is hard to kill when she has AS on and you're pow12.

Turn 5
-Time to finish this. 1 focus to hunter. Journeyman recasts arcane shield on Stryker, who draws focus from the squire. Hunter moves up and shoots the Gladiator again.  Stormblades charge the remaining units and clear them off the board. Stormblade captain charges in and finishes off the titan. He's left with just Makeda at this moment. Stryker charges up and deals damage to the objective. At this point, he can't assassinate me. With no fury generators left, he concedes. 

Thoughts on game
Well, the stormblade captain worked out like I hope he would. Being able to have tactician Storm Knights in CMD 10 is HUGE. He's like eIrusk in a way except if he dies, you don't lose the game. There's also the relentless charge ability he brought to the table. Unfortunately, this means you have to clump your infantry pretty close together, which may not work against anything can bring continuous corrosion or fire to the table. But if they don't have that, then pStryker's feat pretty helps ensure they will survive getting to the enemy. Also, I have newfound love for being able to charge cavalry through my own mass of infantry.