Friday, 7 June 2013

Vlad3 vs pStryker

This is the first time I've fought against pStryker


Greylord Outriders


Journeyman warcaster
Swordknights with UA
Arlan Strangewayes
Alain Runewood
Stormsmith caller x 2

Also, 2x Arcane Shield. Whee -_-
Also, Scenario 12. I win deployment and go first.

Turn 1
-The usual occurs. Hand of Fate on the Greylords, Infernal machine on Drago and my entire army moves up. Greylords run up the right flank, around the forest. Uhlans move up the center to slightly in front of the wall but not so far up that they can charge me. Manhunters run into the forest on the left. Drago runs up to near Vlad
+His swordknights move up and he uses the Jack Marshall drive to move the stormclad bonded to his swordknights up further. Then during its own turn, it runs. His stormsmith callers move up to the right to meet my greylords. His stormblades follow behind his swordknights. He then feats with pStryker, putting his army at 21 armor roughly. 

Turn 2
-Hmm, this isn't too bad for me but it does mess with my momentum. I consider pulling backwards for a moment but that would give him 2 points during his turn probably so I decide to try and take the offensive. Which is a big mistake. Anyway, Greylords move up to spray. I kill one stormsmith caller and maybe 2 swordknights due to me requiring a 10 on 2d6 to kill them. Not an easy feat even with HOF on. Vlad3 feats and moves HOF onto the Uhlans. They charge and kill the swordknights and then sprint. 2 of them move to block charge lanes, and the other 2 move backwards. Drago moves further back as I want him to be able to kill some warjacks later on.  The manhunter hangs back in the forest because I've overcommitted myself as it is. 
+His swordknights and stormblades make short work of the uhlans I have surrounding his stormclad. His stormclad clears the objective, scoring him 2 points. Rowdy kills the greylords and Uhlans engaged with him. pStryker uses earthquake to knockdown the Uhlans that are still hanging back. 

Turn 3
-Hmm, this isn't good. I need to be able to take down his warjacks but I have nothing that can take down his warjacks except the Uhlans, 2 of which are knocked down. Vlad decides to cast Dash and move to contest the other flag. This allows Markov to charge past the stormclad and hit the guys behind. With the extra AOE4 damage, I manage to kill a few of them. The Uhlans forfeit action to move up and stall the stormclad. Manhunter runs forward and kills some stormblades
-Swordknights charge and end up killing one of the Uhlans. The stormclad walks forward and tries to hit Markov. And misses. All 3 times. Ol'Rowdy runs towards Vlad but stays out so that Drago or Vlad3 can't charge him. No points scored this turn. His stormsmith caller disrupts Drago. 

Turn 4
-Drago runs up to the Stormsmith caller to terrorise him, since I'm disrupted already. Gets counter-charged by Ol'Rowdy but no systems go down. The uhlans and Markov go around ride by attacking the remaining swordknights. I just don't want him to get the jack marshall bonus anymore. Manhunter charges stormclad but does little damage.
+Stormclad misses Markov again. Decides to hit the Uhlan and does. That kills off the last of my Uhlans and the resulting leap fries my manhunter. Ol'Rowdy goes after Drago but doesn't manage to kill him. Stryker moves up to earthquake and hits both Rowdy and Drago. Stormsmith disrupts Drago again

Turn 5
-Vlad casts HoF on himself. Between him and Drago, they manage to finish Ol'Rowdy off. He then camps near the edge of the forest, baiting Stryker to assassinate him. 
+Stryker doesn't take the bait and kills off Drago instead. Stormclad still tries to hit Markov and finally does, but only with his buckler, which leaves Markov still alive. 

Turn 6
-This doesn't look good. I can't be everywhere at once and if Markov dies, he will gain the flag and control it again. Since warcasters can't contest, it also means I won't have anything left to contest. Markov has already survived waaaay longer than I thought he would but I can't really expect that to continue. As a result, I concede.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, my first mistake was taking him on when he had feated. With my army, I really should have just walked away and then counter charged him, letting him get those 2 points. Also, it would have let me keep my Uhlans around, which I needed to deal with his pesky warjacks. Greylords probably should have circled around the back and shot his damn squire and journeyman in the back. My second mistake was that I keep forgetting Ol'Rowdy has countercharge, which is seriously annoying.