Saturday, 1 June 2013

Vlad3 vs pGrissel

Apparently tough rolls have a pretty good chance of ruining Vlads day. 

-war dog

Yuri the Axe



Kriel warriors with UA and weapon attachments
Krielstone Bearers
Fellcaller Hero
Stonescribe Chronicler
Saxon Orrik

Okay, while I do know what I want in a 35 point Vlad3 list, I'm not so sure what I want in a  50 point one. I ended up putting a Guncarriage for AOE template spam and then filling up the 6 points with doomreaver spam. I may end replacing them for 2 unit of eliminators though. My opponent has swapped out his bouncer and pyre troll for a Mauler, which is a good move because it gives him more armor-cracking capabilities. 

He wins deployment and goes first. We're playing Scenario 3; Close Quarters.

Turn 1
-Krielwarriors sing swift foot and run up the center. pGrissel dumps her fury into the bearers and gives extra movement to the long riders and then runs behind the kriel warriors. Because the long riders ended up behind the kriel warriors, they decide not to run and instead move forward very slowly, shifting towards the left as they do so. Krielbearers run and pop the aura. Horthol threatens his way down the right flank. The mauler follows behind the huge mass of Krielwarriors and the storm troll runs up the right flank.
+Hand of Fate goes onto Vlad. Infernal Machine goes onto Drago. Vlad casts dash and I move up the center of the board. I want to be able to target those nice juicy kriel warriors if I can. Outriders advance up the right flank to see if I can spray the foremost krielwarriors with a 10" movement but I'm still out of range. I light cav move backwards thanks to the threat of Horthol. Yuri the Axe and manhunters run up the left flank, all the way to the forest on the opponents half of the board. I make sure to keep 3" away from his Longriders in the forest so he can't see me to charge me. Doomies run 14" up the center and I manage to get his krielwarriors to take a terror test. But they pass anyway. However, now the doomies are blocking his way. Guncarriage tramples up and shoots into the midst of krielwarriors. I miss every shot but luckily my deviations roll away from me. Uhlans move up as well, keeping parallel with Vlad. Markov follows behind them. The faithful wardog runs up to make sure he keeps within 3" of Vlad. 

Turn 2
-Fellcaller hero gives the long riders pathfinder. They order charge/slam. One runs to right in front of one of my manhunters and then the other guy slams him from behind. Unconventional but I'm not really sure it was worth it. This kills the manhunter and severely injures his own long rider. Krielwarriors get pathfinder from Saxon Orrik and charge the doomreavers, singing fervor along the way. pGrissel moves up and gives Long Riders extra movement. Horthol moves further up the right. He won't charge me because I'm too far. He also won't run because then he'd just be within distance of me. Mauler follows up behind the Krielwarriors again. 
+Turns out Grissel is within 12" of Vlad3. Sure, there are a lot of Krielwarriors in between but that shouldn't be a problem. Greylords move up and spray the Krielwarriors in front of Grissel. 4 sprays later, most of them are dead. They then move backwards. The surviving doomreavers charge and end up clearing even more of the way. Vlad3 charges Grissel, impacts, crit knockdowns, at which point everything is gravy. Almost. Before making the charge attack, I buy a flashing blade which I hope will allow me to get more blood tokens, making my charge attack even more powerful. His trolls keep making tough rolls though. Hit with the charge attack, she transfers. I sidestep, flashing blade again. His units make its tough rolls again. She transfers again. I hit her with my 2nd initial, she transfers again but this lets me sidestep even further in, though not in the direction I wanted because the krielstone bearer refused to die and is still blocking me. I was planning to sidestep into her krielstone bearers and kill them all. Anyway, last flashing blade and she transfers again but now she's dry. Vlad3 decides to run away with a lot of blood tokens on him. I make sure to stand behind his heavy hitters so they can't charge me. Yuri charges the Mauler and almost kills it off, which wasn't hard considering it's been the target of most of the transfers. Thanks to Vlad3s dash, he easily walks past freestrikes. Thresher ends up killing a few krielwarriors as well. Drago charges a longrider and kills it with the charge attack but it makes tough, which lets me hit it again and trigger bloodbath on the adjacent Longrider. Guncarriage moves up and shoots Grissel with pow 14 shots, which she transfers away as well. Now she's out of fury. Uhlans declare charge on her. 3 of them are in range but 3 of them is all that's needed. She doesn't make her tough roll and the game ends. 

Thoughts on game
My opponent basically played way too close to the edge for pGrissel. He was probably planning for his kriel warriors to screen him but there's a very high chance they would have ended up as fodder for Vlad anyway. However, due to the uncertainty of tough rolls, I ended up deciding it was better to take them out with the outriders.