Friday, 14 June 2013

pCaine vs pSeverius

The battle of the primes


Stormblades with UA and 3 gunners
Black 13
Harlan Versh
Journeyman warcaster
Tempest Blazers

-Blessing of Vengeance

Vassal of Menoth
Exemplar Errants with UA
Choir of Menoth

More training for an upcoming SR2013 tournament. Sadly, I won't be taking part but my opponent will. We play scenario 8. I end up going first

Turn 1
- Blur goes onto myself and snipe onto the Black13. pEiryss runs all the way to the right side of the map. She's going to try and flank from behind. Tempest Blazers move up the right, towards their zone, but stay out of range of the Errants. Black 13 move up and Ryan tries to pop Eiryss with a deviation from her special attack. Stormblades run up the center, towards my zone. Journeyman casts arcane shield on the Lancer. Lancer moves up as well towards my zone. I'm going to stop him from getting near my zone since that's worth 2 points to him. 
+pSeverius casts Eye of Menoth; as usual, and defenders ward on the Exemplar Errants. His jacks run forward, with the blessing running towards my zone and the others huddling about his objective. The Exemplar errants move up into the concealment of the forest. His pEiryss decides to run away for some reason. 

Turn 2
-I drop the upkeep for snipe. No point putting it on my black13 now when there's a much better target for it. Caine moves up, casts snipe on Harlan and deadeye on the tempest blazers. Harlan walks up and then proceeds to murder the Errants. Thanks to purgation + blessed + snipe, he can shoot pretty much all of them, and he does. Tempest Blazers move up and proceed the murder the Errants as well. Thanks to careful target selection, I manage to shoot an Errant who's next to the wrack with an electroleap after clearing out the rest of the guys near him. This causes the wrack to take a pow10 to the face and kills it, killing the errants nearby as well. The Blazers then light cav backwards, except for 2 who stay to jam the errants. pEiryss moves up and shoots more errants. Ryan of the Black13 again tries to kill a wrack with a deviation from magestorm and misses. I try to hit pEiryss with the leader's anti-stealth AOE but miss as well with the deviation. Stormblades run up into my zone. Lancer moves up into my zone.
+His reckoner kills one of the tempest blazers with boosted shots. His blessing of vengeance moves back to his objective for some reason. I'm guessing he was scared of the huge number of stormblades coming towards him. Vanquisher shoots and misses. pEiryss moves even further back. Errants charge and kill another tempest blazer but fail to kill Harlan. One of them even goes so far as to tie up Eiryss in combat. 

Turn 3
-Time to feat. I drop snipe because it's useless on Harlan now. I also get 1 focus from squire. I walk up, feat and kill some choir and some errants. I would have gotten the vassal too but it had vision on it. I then put some choice shots on the Reckoner. It was tempting to try for a 14" bubble to clear a lot more things but it would have left me very exposed because I would have to drop Blur. Plus I needed dead eye on the Blazers because pSeverius IS very exposed at the moment. After feating, I teleport backwards. Harlan Versh kills more errants but this time he misses on his 2nd shot. Tempest Blazers moves up and shoots the Errants as well, clearing out the one engaging pEiryss. Could this be it? Severius is definitely within 19" of me. I move up and shoot, needing a 5 to hit Sevy. And I miss. Lots of cursing is heard. It was a classic textbook move, foiled by the dice gods. Stormblades assault the objective since his jacks are under passage and can't be targeted by non-magical attacks. I kill the objective, netting me 1 point. Black13 continue shooting at choir members because I don't like them.
+Ashes to ashes makes short work of Tempest Blazers + pEiryss. Well, she deserved it for missing on a 5. His reckoner kills Harlan Versh. His blessing of vengeance kills a stormblade and the Vanquisher kills some more with thresher, which apparently it has. However, since he doesn't go into his own zone to control it, he gets no points.

Turn 4
-Hmm, my tempest blazers are gone and so is pEiryss. What a waste. I cast dead eye on the Stormblades via my lancer and move up and then teleport into the zone. I intend to dominate it this turn for 1 point. Stormblades assault the Vanquisher because I need it to die since it's the one with AOE continuous fire. It does die but I lose a stormblade to Blessing of Vengeances defensive strike. But I still get to pull off my assault shot, which does damage. Black13 continue shooting more support members. 
+His reckoner kills off the leader of the black13. He moves his blessing of vengeance away from the stormblades and then pSevy uses it as an arcnode to send 2x ashes to ashes into the stormblades. He can't even go into his zone because there's a huge forest between him and the zone so no points for him. This wipes them out. His errants run up towards my zone but are still too far. I get another point for dominating my zone. 

Turn 5
-My opponents reckoner is right next to water. Dare I or dare I not? I give 1 focus to Lancer, pull a focus from Squire. Then Lancer runs to right out of Reckoners reach. I thunderstrike through the lancer and knock the Reckoner into the water. Oh it's knocked down and its furnace has been extinguished. I then pop a magestorm ontop of it because it's KD anyway, and that just means models who want to move and try to relight the fire have to suffer a pow12. Yeah, that sucks. I end my turn and get 4 out of 5 points needed to win. My opponent concedes
Thoughts on game
I hate ashes to ashes? That spell was brutal. I think this was the first scenario win I won with pCaine. Anyway, my opponent ended up conceding because he saw no way to stop me from winning. Assuming he managed to run his BoV into the zone, it would have been barely in and I would have thunderstriked it right out again. His Reckoner was heavily damaged and inert while I still had a fully fresh Lancer with arcane shield on. As well as some of the Black 13, which he would have had to ignore if he wanted to reach the zone. Still, was fairly brutal as I'm sure he had more points on the table than me.