Friday, 28 June 2013

pStryker vs eHaley with Stormwall

Great, this dreaded list cometh...


Journeyman warcaster
Alain Runewood
Stormblades with UA and gunners
Katherine Laddermore
Stormblade captain


Journeyman warcaster
Tempest Blazers

There's nothing quite like the feeling of shooting a colossal with a hunter and being told it's dice minus nine... -_- At armor 24 normally against range and armor 15 against Armor piercing. We end up playing Scenario #9 and I go first. I end up deploying my units on the right side of the table, near the zone. Mostly because I can't control the flag anyway. 

Turn 1
-Journeyman warcaster casts arcane shield on stormguard. Stormguard run up towards the zone. Stormblades run up after them. Stryker moves up and casts arcane shield on the stormblades and snipe on the hunter. Stormblade captain runs up behind the stormblades. Katherine runs up the right flank, keeping 19.5" away from the tempest blazers. Hunter moves up.
+Stormwall runs up to the zone. Black13 move up and Ryan shoots a magestorm that deviates into the zone. Tempest blazers run up to the zone but keep far back enough that I can't hit them. . One stormsmith caller moves up the left flank, towards the flag. The other moves with the Tempest Blazers. eHaley goes up to behind the wall and casts deceleration. Journeyman and Squire follow along with her. 

Turn 2
-Time for shenanigans. I upkeep both shields but drop snipe. Stormguard charge the Stormwall. Only one makes it into reach while the others run into the zone. He hits but it's dice minus 10. Stormblades run as well into the zone. Stryker moves up and feats. And then camps the rest of his focus. Stormblade captain runs up to behind the stormblades. Katherine laddermore runs up to engage Ryan and 2 tempest blazers.
+2 focus onto the stormwall. The black13 move backwards except Ryan who's still engaged. They shoot the stormknights but armor 23 even with brutal is a hard nut to crack. The tempest blazers move up and try to brutal the stormknights also but not much luck on that front. eHaley activates, feats and TKs Katherine away from Ryan and the tempest blazers. She then casts deceleration. Stormwall moves into the zone and lays down some covering fire and then proceeds to shoot away with its big gun. All in all, I lost maybe 3 stormknights during his feat turn, which isn't too bad I guess. He drops a lightning pod behind my hunter but fails to disrupt it. Squire moves to behind stormwall. Stormsmith caller calls down the lightning on my hunter and hits but again fails to damage it. 

Turn 3
-So my stormguard end up activating first. The ones near Katherine laddermore stay in the covering fire to hit her with a CMA while the others move out of the covering fire and the ones engaged with the stormwall stay still to hit it. I hit Katherine, bounce off the armor and eleap onto Ryan. Suddenly she's dead. Yay. The rest hit the stormwall, but deal little to no damage. But that's okay. The squire is literally in b2b contact with the stormwall. Suddenly the squire is dead TOO! I even damage the Journeyman warcaster who's next to the Stormwall as well. Now it's time to pay for my sins. He rolls for covering fire and only kills two of the 5 in the templates. Stormblades move around while the gunners try and shoot those they can. It's a pot shot at most because with deflection on, I need double 6s to hit. I do manage to kill Watts though, which causes the Black13 to take a panic test, which they fail. Katherine activates next and moves up to engage the tempest blazers again. Hunter tries to shoot Stormwall and hits. And actually does 1 point of damage at dice minus 9, without boosts. Stryker sacrifices action to move onto a hill. He could try and trample all the way to me but I don't think he will. Alain runewood gives the stormblades tough. 
+2 focus to stormwall. Stormwall lays down more covering fire and shoots at Stryker, misses. Shoots at a stormknight, kills it. Tempest blazers more up and kill stormknights now that their armor is only a piddling 18. They fail to kill Laddermore though. His stormsmith caller tries to disrupt hunter again but fails. His black13 flees and then passes their moral check at the end. eHaley casts deceleration again. Surprisingly, no real assassination attempt on Stryker. 

Turn 4
-I upkeep both arcane shields, draw 1 from squire, give 1 to hunter. Stormguards activate and charge. Gotta love the fact that I get relentless charge while in the SBCs command and that the storm wall has reach, I have reach and a HUGE base to travel around. I actually manage to get charge bonuses for most of them thanks to positioning and being able to move through my own models. They charge stormwall, one dies due to covering fire but the rest survive and do their charge attacks. I really should considering doing a CMA next time with them because pow12 against an armor 22 stormwall is frigging nuts. Alain gives the stormblades +2 to charge attack rolls. Stormblades assault/charge the tempest blazers engaging Katherine. I have a plan. Only one makes it into charge contact while the rest end up within shooting range of the other Tempest Blazer. I do my assault shots first, the one who made it into charge contact misses, while the rest lay fire down on the tempest blazer. I need to be able to hit on double 6s but with the sheer volume of fire, I'm certain one might hit. It does and I roll high enough for damage that the tempest blazer just dies. Then the charging stormblade whacks the other tempest blazer normally with his charge attack and kills it. Suddenly Katherine is free and looking at eHaley. SBC runs up so Katherine gets use of his special ability; Tactician. Katherine charges eHaley, impacts the Journeyman, kills it since it had spent most of its focus boosting attk/dmg rolls on my stormknights previously, and then hits eHaley. I miss with the assault shot but hit with the charge attack. I need a 16 to kill her off but roll a 9. She takes 8 damage. Stryker runs off to the flag area, making sure to keep far away from the stormwall. Journeyman recasts arcane shield on Stryker, since the stormguard are almost 1/2 gone. Hunter hits Stormwall and boost damage. 
+2 focus to Stormwall. Stormwall lays down more covering fire. and shoots the SBC and kills it. He then kills Runewood and the stormblade officer. eHaley TKs Katherine away from her and casts deceleration again. The last member of the black13 shoots her but fails to kill her even with brutal damage on. Tempest blazers shoot Katherine and some stormknights and kill her off. Stormsmith caller fails to disrupt the Hunter again. 

Turn 5
-Stormknights have a possible assassination vector but I need to kill off a pesky stormsmith caller in my way. 1 focus to Hunter. I upkeep both shields. Hunter moves up, tries to hit the stormsmith caller engaged with my Stormguard, misses. The shot bounces to Stormwall and hits. No assassination this turn it seems. Stormguard move up and continue hitting the Stormwall but I make sure to kill the pesky stormsmith caller. After a few turns of meleeing it, its right side is down. My stormblades run/charge. One kills a tempest blazer while the others move into position.
-2 focus to stormwall. It lays down covering fire on its left side and still continues shooting. It fails to kill the stormguard on its right side due to the fact that his arm system is crippled. eHaley moves away from the stormguard. Stormsmith caller moves up and disrupts the Hunter again. Tempest Blazers try to kill more stormblades. 
Turn 6
-The stormguard whack the stormwall but one of them who's behind it, walks off to whack the last stormsmith caller. I kill it while the rest CMA the stormwall. My stormblades finally charge into the stormwall. I leave it with 4 hp but its movement, cortex and right arm are still functional. Journeyman runs up to the zone. Stryker runs up and finally makes contact with the flag and scores a point for dominating. 
+He tries to assassinate me. He gives 4 focus to the stormwall. Walks up and TKs me so my back is facing it but for some reason, he still leaves me in b2b contact with the flag. He then shoots me, hits and boosts damage. He deals 3 damage to me. Stormwall moves up, boosts to hits me and misses. At this point he concedes because I would get another point and his stormwall was severely fubared. Plus eHaley was right in front of a lot of people. 

Thoughts on game
I hate eHaley with stormwall? 

Although his list probably had some issues with mine because of the huge dependency on electrical attacks. Lightning pods? Sorry, I'm immune. Stormsmith callers? Yeah, my infantry are immune too. Electroleap? What's that? So his rate of infantry clearing was drastically reduced. But then again, he was still using a brutally hard to take down list. If this had been a timed game, I probably would have lost based on army points.