Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bravely Default Flying Fairy

How good is this game? I had to ban myself from playing it in bed cause I'd play and suddenly discover it was 3am. 

So what's Bravely Default about? It's a typical JRPG, kind of, except with a bit of DragonQuest in it or FF4 if you want to get particular. You control a party of 4 characters, one whose town has been destroyed (man, haven't seen that cliche in a while), one who is a miko, the energetic genki girl and the flirty playboy with a mystery. Most of the characters are walking tropes but that's ok because this game manages to be fun anyway and the characters aren't overly annoying most of the time. Except for Agnes. 

The art is pretty good. Most of the world seems to be hand-drawn high resolution sprites. It's only when you go into battle that you start seeing 3D sprites. That or cutscenes. 

So your characters start off as freelancers but later on you get to change their classes. Which is why I said most modern players will be reminded of DQ because DQ is one of the few modern JRPGs that still does that. Now I haven't beaten the game yet and I'm only in ACT III, but my party consists of a Ranger, a Knight, a Black Mage and a White Mage. I have gotten the Red Mage class but I levelled it up so that I could B/W magic lvl 3 and left it there for the moment while I tried to level up the main magical classes. Red mages are pretty broken though. Being able to almost consistently get 1 BP??? BROKEN! Most of my melee classes have swordfencer magic as their secondary ability, mostly because I like being able to imbue my weapons with whatever elemental weaknesses the enemy currently has. 

Battle is consistent with most traditional JRPGs, being turn-based combat and with random encounters on a map screen. What's interesting is that you can turn up or turn down the level of encounters in the game. So you can get 200% the amount of encounters or 0%; which really means NO encounters. 

The game also has an auto-save function whenever you enter a new area or level so even when you're TPKed, you don't have to wander so far to get back to where you were. 

I think the one thing I didn't really like in BDFF was the mini-game which revolves around rebuilding Tiz's town. When you only have ONE inhabitant in your town, things take a while, with building times going up to 99hrs or so. It gets much better when you have multiple inhabitants (I currently have 10. If anyone else wants to join my town, let me know) but not everyone is going to be able to walk around and get street passes. A lot of it depends on your location. So this seems kinda unfair and somewhat frustrating if you live in a rural area. Or Korea. Either Korea. 

The characters are fairly okay. I'm fairly neutral about the males, not very fond of Agnes but really like Edea. She's just so funny. Agnes is really just a yamato nadeshiko type and she can get pretty depressive at times while Edea's all about "Let's go beat stuff until it caves in" or "That's wrong, let's go beat stuff till it's right". 

Overall, since I haven't played through the game, I can't really say what my final opinion on it will be. But as of now, I'd say this game is pretty worth getting.