Thursday, 13 February 2014

Syntherion vs eVayl

Just thought I'd proxy in some Cyriss

Forge Master Syntherion
-    Prime Axiom
-    Corollary
-    Modulator
Attunement Servitors
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 


Spawning Vessel

Okay, so this is my first time playing Cyriss so I really have no idea what I'm doing. I do know Syntherion is good with Prime Axiom though and since the PA is one of the models I do have (thanks to Black Friday sales), I thought I'd try it out. Ironically I don't have the CoC battlebox...The corollary is sort of a must-have, much like the squire in Cygnar. I needed one more jack and I thought I'd take the Modulator to try it out. I like the idea of it's electric guns. Perforators are in there for the armor piercing. I end up going 2nd and we play scenario 4; Process of elimination.

Turn 1
-Vayl casts occulation on the Scythean, refuge on the Angelius on the right and admonition on the Angelius on the left. The Scythean runs up.  which then runs up the center and the Seraph runs up behind it, bumping into it so it's base to base. This means if I shoot the Seraph, I can't drag it forward. I also can't shoot the Scythean cause it's stealthed. The 2 Angelius split up and run into the different zones respectively, hiding behind the walls so that they also can't be dragged forward. Legionnaires follow up into the left zone with the spawning vessels following behind them. The shepherds split up, going both left and right so that the warbeasts are within their shepherding range.
+Right. So I can not drag ANY of the warbeasts at all. That's pretty bad. 1 focus to the PA. It runs up the center. I cast reconstruct on the Prime Axiom and hide Syntherion behind it. The Modulator runs up the left. The Corollary runs up as well next to the PA. The Perforators run up the right flank. My servitors run up the flank. 

Turn 2
-She upkeeps occultation and her other spells as well. The angelius on the left moves up and shoots at the Perforators and kills one of them and then shuffles backwards. The angelius on the right moves up and shoots at the prime axiom and hits it. The Scythean and the Seraph move up so that they're both touching the hill and the Legionnaires run up to block any lanes to them. 
+I upkeep reconstruction for free. I give 2 focus to the Prime Axiom. it moves up and tries to shoot the Seraph but miss. The Perforators assault the Angelius and the objectiveand most of them miss the Angelius due to the cover bonus it gains from the wall. However, the objective does die. With no choice, I run my modulator up to block the Scytheans charge lane to the PA. 

Turn 3
-He drops occultation on the Scythean. The angelius walks up and kills more Perforators and then refuges away. The Legionnaires charge the Perforators as well as the Modulator but they don't manage to kill it, leaving it to the Scythean. Vayl then cycles refuge onto the Scythean who charges the Modulator and kills it. It then refuges away.
+This is pretty bad for me. Most of my Perforators are dead, my Modulator is dead and I only have the PA left really. However, there is ONE angle of victory for me. Or at least possible survival. I give 3 focus to the PA and I feat with Syntherion. He charges the Angelius. My point isn't to try and kill it but there IS an angle at which I can drag the Scythean to me. If I can down the Scythean, my chances of being able to survive one round of his warbeasts whaling on me become much higher. I boost the hit on the Angelius and hit it with sustained attack, then I drag the Scythean to me with my harpoon gun and continue hitting it. I ALMOST kill it but it's left with 2 hp (needed 7 on last roll to kill it, rolled 5). If only I had just ignored the Angelius and hadn't spent that focus boosting that attack roll, the Scythean would have been dead with that focus.

Turn 4
-Vayl feats and strips reconstruction from my warjack and heals the Scythean. Everything then goes into my Prime Axiom. It barely dies and that's only after the Scythean goes into it as well. With that dead, he continues taking down my Perforators, which leaves me with only 1. At this point I only have some servitors and Syntherion and the Corrollary, which makes it impossible for me to win. I end up conceding. 

Thoughts on game
Hmm, while the Perforators are nice, they can't really function as my main infantry choice. I probably need Reciprocators for that. That and the Enigma Foundry. 

The Prime Axiom was pretty interesting, especially with Syntherion. Sadly, I made the mistake of boosting on the wrong target instead of saving that focus for what I really needed dead. Made a huge mistake in my target priority. 

CoC is interesting but I really really don't feel like I can run too jack heavy with it. Maybe 2 jacks or more that will still leave me enough points for 2 units of infantry.