Monday, 10 February 2014

The Lego Movie

Everything is awesoooome. Disclaimer: Movie contains Legos. Lots of Legos.

Just felt the need to include that disclaimer because after the movie, I came out and overheard a bunch of females talking about how the movie wasn't to their liking cause it contained too much Lego. Um...seriously? It's THE LEGO MOVIE. What would it contain? People like this are the reason why we need labels and disclaimers on everything.

So anyhow, how is the Lego Movie? As the opening says, Everything is awesome, everything is good. What's the movie about? It's a basic story of how there is an evil villain out to destroy the world but how there's a prophecy about someone who would rise up to stop him. But with Lego figurines. While the storyline seems simple, it pulls it off pretty well. Plus there is an interesting twist at the end. 

The dialogue is witty and charming, the characters are funny and enjoyable. I loved the sheer number of cameos in the movie, ranging from the DC characters to Lotr to etc. The movie just flows together very well and there isn't really much of an issue with scene transition or even plot progression. I also liked how they showed the Lego master builders view on the world and how they build stuff. The action scenes pretty much play out like one of those Lego TM games they have, like Lego Indiana Jones or Lego Star Wars, where people explode into coins and so on. I liked that but it may not be to everyone's taste. 

The twist at the end was not totally unexpected but it was still pretty interesting. Although I felt more time should have been shown on the Lego characters instead. So yes, I felt there could have been more Lego in the movie. 

Overall, I'm going to say I can't really remember anything I particularly disliked about this film, which most people will know is VERY rare. In fact, I'd heartily recommend watching this film because you'll probably enjoy it even if you're 10 or 50.