Friday, 21 February 2014

DC Deck Building Game

Alright, this has been out for a while and I've had it for a while. I've just never gotten down to writing this. 

DC Deck-building game is pretty much one of the simplest deck-building games I've played. And I mean this in terms of mechanics. The marketplace is just one huge deck. There's really only 1 monster/supervillain to defeat at any one time. Everything is powered by the same resource, unlike Marvels Legendary or Warmachine High Command. The only 'twist' is that you play characters from the DC universe and those characters have different effects depending on whom you're playing. 

For example, if you're playing Superman, you get +1 power (the resource in this game) for each different super power you play during your turn. This can build up pretty quickly if you focus on super powers. Then there's Aquaman, whose power is you can put a card of cost 5 or less that you bought/gained this turn ON TOP of your deck, meaning you will draw it in your next hand. In the beginning, this ability can be insanely good. 

And then there are the cards themselves. The normal cards that you can buy. There are just certain cards that are WAY better than others, or give a lot more advantages than others. 

These two villain cards are some of the best you can get early game. Not only does Scarecrow cause people to take a weakness which is a penalty to your final Victory Point tally but also takes up valuable space in your deck, he's also +2 Pow. As for the Suicide Squad, holy crap. Suicide Squad spamming IS a thing in the game. The VP for the card is X where X = no. of Suicide Squad cards you have, meaning it's really XX or X2. When you have 3, the total VP value goes up to 9. 4 and it's 16. If you have all 5, it's 20...That's a lot of VP. And they give +2 Pow as well. 

So a problem is that the abilities don't seem particularly balanced at times, and in no way is this a 'competitive' card game. But in no way is this a bad game. It's a fun game. Simple fun and best played in groups of 3 or more, especially when you just want to have fun and you don't want to have to think or meta or plot against everyone. Cause shit, sometimes card games are serious business and sometimes they're just for fun. (Not with my group. They're always serious business for some reason -_-)

I've also got to love the 'meta' humor in the game. Let's look at the 3 basic cards, which are pretty much the first few cards you start with on the table. 


Yeah...notice a trend there? Of the 3 starting cards, why are the two offensive attacks Batman while the vulnerability is Superman? That's hilariously biased.  Not to mentions Batmans ability probably has a higher power limit than Supermans considering his keys off EVERY equipment you play, not every different equipment. Granted, most equipment tend to be lower power than Superpowers anyway. 

And then there's the Robin/Bat-Signal combo

Oh look, let's play Robin to bring bat a Bat Signal to bring back another Robin to bring back another Bat Signal and then pull out some random super powered equipment. Granted, the cards are in play and do not go to discard pile immediately when you play them, meaning this isn't an infinite loop, but it can still be pretty sick at times. And it's probably easier to pull off than the Superman/bringbackallsuperpowers combo.

Overall, DCDBG is still a fun game and one I enjoy bringing out every now and then. Perhaps a bit more than Marvel Legendary even.