Monday, 24 February 2014

eKreoss vs Rhyas

So my first attempt at using eKreoss..


-Fire of Salvation

Knight Exemplars
Knight Exemplars
Knight Errants with UA
Knight Errants without UA :(
Errant Seneschal
Errant Seneschal
Rhoven and Co
Temple Flameguard

-Nephilim bolt thrower

Warspears with UA
Warspears with UA
Swordsmen with UA

So we're both playing tier lists. Mine goes all the way up to 4. Honestly I'm not too sure how to play eKreoss although his feat seems simple enough. It's really a question of how to maximise the feat. We play Scenario 1 and I go 2nd. 

Turn 1
-Rhyas walks up and casts Dash.His warspears run down both flanks, with one going down the left and the other going down the right, both going down towards the zone. The swordsmen run up behind them, being screened by the warspears on the right. Typhon and the Nephilim both run up and screen Rhyas. 
+1 focus to FoS. KEs advance move up. Kreoss walks up and casts sacrosanct on the leftmost units of Errants. He casts IR on the other unit of Errants with the UA. Both Errant units run up, with one running up the left and the other running up the right. They're going to try and flank. KEs run up the front. FoS runs up the center. TFG move up and shieldwall. Depending on how many he can kill, I'll probably in charge range of his units next turn. 

Turn 2
-At this point he's not too sure how to continue. His warspears could assault/try to clear off my errant horde while Typhon could try and spray a lot of them to death. Unfortunately, this all leaves his army very very vulnerable to Kreoss2s counter attack and feat. His Typhon moves up and sprays, toeing the zone. Nephilim bolt thrower moves up and shoots as well. The warspears decide not to assault and just move up and shoot normally. Rhyas camps behind Typhon and the bolt thrower again. Swordsmen hang back to be a counter-charging unit if need be.
+FoS moves up due to it's special rule and since someone was killed within 5" of it.  However, there's no one to attack and I'm blocked by my own troops. 2 focus to FoS. I drop Sacrosanct.  Kreoss moves up and feats and casts sacrosanct onto the flameguard. My units charge into his. It's a pretty big slaughter, with me killing most of his two units of warspears, the objective and pretty much thats it. Thanks to the rough terrain in the middle, I have an extremely hard time charging his warbeasts. 

Turn 3
-He sees his only chance and takes it. The bolt thrower kills a TFG that was blocking LOS to the inner line of TFG. Rhyas casts dash, feats and charges the inner TFG and she can reach it now that she has 'reach'. She kills it, and teleports b2b with it to start hitting Kreoss2. However, even after all that, Kreoss2 is still alive. Granted, I'm almost dead but somehow I survived Rhyas hitting me with that weaponmaster sword of hers. So Typhon moves up and then sprays in my general direction...Yep, that did it. Boosted to hit and boosted damage rolls ends the Grand Exemplar. 

Thoughts on game
Well, that was fun. My first game with eKreoss and he's possibly a caster I may be interested in now that the latest WMH tourney is over and I don't have to keep practicing High Reclaimer and Harbinger over and over again. 

Since this is my first list and try with him, my general thoughts are that his tier lists benefits are pretty good. The advance move is really good for KEs since they're pretty slow and have no ranged weapons. However, I'm not too sure FoS is worth taking. The real dealbreaker for me is 'no reach' on the FoS; although it has pseudo-berserk so that's possibly why. But in general, Kreoss2 seems to love guys with reach so that they can actually hit someone else with that 2nd additional attack on his feat turn. It just seemed like when I hit someone on feat turn an he died, I wasn't within melee of anyone else and my additional attack went to waste. 

What can I do for that? Well, Bastions seem to be good. Only issue is spd4 but that's really just 1 lesser spd than Errants and KE. And they're higher pow too. Another unit that I may take are FlameBringers, who on his feat turn may turn into gold. Because that's 3x autohitting pow9 weaponmaster attacks with SIDESTEP on 2 of them. That's basically pseudo-reach right there. And then there's the light cav move at the end...Will have to test this list out more and try.

As for Rhyas. Holy crap, giving her reach really really helped her.She's probably not going to be top-tier anytime soon but still, having reach was awesome for her this game. Without it, she could never have reached me.