Thursday, 6 February 2014

Harbinger vs pVlad

2nd game of SR2014. 


Exempler Errants with UA
Errant Seneschal
Bastion Seneschal
Rhupert Carvolo
Covenant of Menoth
Min. Choir
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Darton Vilmon


Greylord Outriders
Winterguad with UA and Rocketers
Kovnik Joe
Nyss hunters with Valachev
Mortar Crew
Great Bears

So my standard Harbinger list really. Except that I've swapped out one paladin for a Errant Seneschal. Let's see how that works. We play Scenario #4 and he goes first. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Behemoths main cortex. Nyss hunters run up the left flank, towards the left zone. Winterguard Mortar Crew follows behind them; although I really feel it should have gone up the center so as to have maximum coverage. Greylord Outriders flank up the right. They don't run all the way up though. Winterguard run up the center. Joe gives them tough and runs up as well. Behemoth runs up as well. Vlad runs up behind Behemoth. Great Bears run up behind Vlad. 
+1 focus to Reckoner and Vanquisher. Errants run up into the right zone Choir makes the jacks immune to non-magical shooting. Harbinger gets -1 to spellcost from the Hierophant and casts Crusaders call, feats and charges forward. Reckoner and Vanquisher both charge up into the right zone. Vassals enliven both of them. Rhupert gives the errants tough. Bastions charge up the center. 

Turn 2
-This is when he decides to try and assassinate Harbinger. Giving 3 focus to Behemoth's subcortex, Vlad stands still and casts Signs and Portents. Behemoth is out of range so he has to move forward and shoot. I roll fairly low on the feat damage and it just pings off Behemoth's armor. He boosts the attack roll, hits and boosts the damage roll. Second shot hits again due to S&P and deals a bit of damage to me. It's enough damage to make me worry. His mortar crew shoots and misses thankfully. And the rest of his WGI aren't close enough to risk the shot. His Outriders attempt to spray the errants; targeting something else far off in the distance due to purity ward, but thankfully I make most of the tough rolls on my errants
+2 focus to Reckoner. Rhupert gives the Errants tough. Errants move up and start shooting at the WGI as well as some of the Greylords who are still within range. Harbinger grabs a focus from a wrack and quickly camps behind a wall. If Behemoth's going to be shooting me, I want that +4 cover bonus. The choir sings battle and the Reckoner charges the objective, killing it. The Vanquisher walks up and shoots at Behemoth. It misses and deviates onto my 3 of my own Errants, most of whom make the tough roll. Bastions run up, followed by the Seneschal. I'm going all out in one zone to try and win it. I get 1 CP for killing the objective and 2 for dominating the zone, leaving me at 3/5CP to win. Now assuming he doesn't kill me with Behemoth, this should be in the bag. 

Turn 3
-He does try and kill me with Behemoth. 3 focus to Behemoths sub cortex again. Vlad cast S&P again. Behemoth walks up and shoots me. But this time, the cover bonus makes a LOT of difference. He misses one shot and that pretty much blows his chance to kill me. The Nyss move forward to try and shoot me with their hunter CRA but not enough of them are nearby to really make it hurt. Joe gives the WGI boosted attack rolls. The winterguard advance and try to shoot me, but their advancement is blocked by my line of errants who they can't get too close to for fear of being engaged. This means that there still isn't enough to kill me. He decides to spray with the Greylords and this time, kills a lot more errants. Including the flag bearer, whom I didn't matrydom cause I was low on hp. 
+3 focus to Reckoner. The errants charge the WGI and greylords, clearing them out of the right zone. Harbinger casts crusaders call. Bastions charge Behemoth, dealing a fair bit of damage. Reckoner charges Behemoth and scraps it. I clear the zone and dominate it for another 2 CP, ending the game.

Thoughts on Game
I really need to play Harbinger a bit further back. I'm having the same issues playing her as I did with Karchev, assuming her high armor would save her when sometimes it doesn't. 

The Errant Seneschal was pretty useful in this case, letting me shoot the Greylords while ignoring their concealment, which would have made it really really hard to hit them. Also, letting me see through the forest was a nifty trick. And Vilmon still managed to perform his role pretty well; which was camp in opponents zone and refuse to let him control it.