Thursday, 27 February 2014

eKreoss vs pThragrosh

So my 2nd game with eKreoss...Now with more flamebringers

Knight Exemplar Seneschal
Knight Exemplar Seneschal
Errant Exemplar Seneschal
Knight Exemplars
Knight Exemplars
Exemplar Errants with UA
Exemplar Errants


Spawning pot
Striders with UA
Blackfrost Shard
Spell Martyr

So I've taken out the TFG and Rhoven to put in the flamebringers. I've also decided to try the Templar out because damn, I need reach on my warjack. That or I need to use Fire of Salvations vengeance mechanic better. I end up going first. As usual, my light cavalry are deployed all the way to the side so as to better flank. The errants and KEs are split evenly among both flanks, with the UA-ed Errants taking the forest/difficult terrain side. 

Turn 1
-KE advance move. 1 focus to Templar. Errants run up their respective flanks. Kreoss walks up, cast inviolable resolve on the right unit of errants; the ones with the UA and cast sacrosanct on the ones on the left without the UA. KEs run up respective flanks. Flamebringers run up the left flank, to try and circle around. Gravus and Templar run up the center and shield eKreoss. 
+His striders walk up and start plunking CRAs into my IRed Errants while ignoring the non UA errants. Ravagore walks up the left flank and takes a shot at a flamebringer that got too close. Damn eyeless sight allows it to see right through the forest. Boom, flamebringer is hit and killed. Spellmatyr runs up to around the edge of the forest so it can see the flamebringers. Carnivean and Scythean both run up to where the Ravagore is. Thragrosh walks up and arcs a spell through the spell matyr, obliterating another flamebringer. For some reason, the legionnaires run up into the right zone and don't stay base to base with each other. The spawning vessel walks up. 

Turn 2
-I give 1 focus to Templar and upkeep both spells. My errants with UA activate first and advance up to shoot the Legionnaires. He tells me they have vengeance and I mutter 'not if they're all dead'. I come really really close to it. After all my errants have activated including the ones on the left side, there's 2 legionnaires left. My Errant Seneschal assaults one and kills that so there's only 1 left. Oh well. I'll have to eat one vengeance strike. KEs run up, with the right KE unit going up the center instead. My flamebringers decide flanking around the side with the warbeast isn't such a smart idea and run back to the center. Kreoss walks up and Gravus runs to block LOS to him. My Templar runs so he can countercharge anything that gets into the left zone. 
+For vengeance, he kills one Errant. His ravagore shoots and dismounts Gravus. His Carnivean walks up into the zone and sprays some errants and then spiny growths itself. The scythean walks up into the zone and casts slaughterhouse then kills some more Errants/KEs. Thragrosh activates and cast spiny growth on the Scythean. The sole surviving Legionnaire charges a KE and kills it. Striders walk up and send several CRAs into the Errants with UA as well as downing the KE Seneschal in that zone. The vessel pops a harrier and it flies and charges Gravus and kills it, healing the KE seneschal though. . Originally, he was thinking of charging Kreoss but I'm still camping 4 focus, making me very hard to wound. 

Turn 3
-Ok, I can start scoring points now. I give 3 focus to the Templar. Kreoss walks up and feats and kills the Harrier with an armor piercing strike. I need to stay in the center to make sure my army gets the MAX use of my feat. My errants and KEs on the left side charge into the warbeasts. Holy hell,effective armor 21 is hard to crack. Damn deathshroud. My warjack charges the Carnivean, takes damage from spiny growth and then beats back into the Ravagore. 3x additional attacks later, the Ravagore is dead and I move back further. My Errants on the other side kill off the spawning vessel and quickwork into one of the Blackfrost shard who forgot to cast stealth on themselves the previous turn. I actually hit and kill one. The KEs charge and kill off the objective, letting me score 1 CP and another 1 cause the right zone is being controlled by my KE Seneschal. The flamebringers form a screen around Kreoss one runs up to block the Scythean. 
+Hmm, this isn't that good for him. Sure, his warbeasts can probably kill off my entire left flank of units, especially if he pops the Ravagore back in, but I've still got an entire right flank of units waiting to come at him. He decides to try and take an assassination route. His Carnivean sprays into some KE and Errants. Thragrosh heals his warbeasts and restores some aspects, then walks up and kills some Errants and KEs, using his eruption of Ash to kill some of the nearby errants. The blackfrost walk up and cast Kiss on the flamebringers, rolling a double 6 to hit!! Holy hell, I was engaged AND in cover. The striders then kill off one of the flamebringers blocking Kreoss from LOS, which is all that's needed. His Scythean charges up...and takes a freestrike from the KE that he forgot was right next to him. It instagibs him since he's damaged and that was the LAST surviving KE of his unit. That's a pow16 weaponmaster swing right there. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, I need something to crack heavy armor it seems. Just multiple pow 9s isn't going to cut it. Even when they're weaponmaster. Blessed would be nice too so I guess Bastions are going to be in the next version. Plus it helps solve the issue I have with the feat, which is most of the times I kill whatever I'm hitting and am out of reach to anyone else so I can't make use of that additional attack. 

Didn't quite feel like I played my Flamebringers correctly this game. I used them I would the greylords or Tempest blazers but they're not really the same. For one thing, they don't have range. And secondly, their defensive stats are slightly worse since the greylords are effectively 15/15 while the tempest blazers can just shoot from far and run away. Something the FB can't do. Will need further testing with them. 

Was the templar better than the FoS? Well, it's hard to say since it's only spd4. But it does have REACH, which was why I could beat the carnivean/ravagore over the heads of my own guys.