Monday, 5 March 2012

Khador vs Cryx IV: A New Hope

This time, the Cryx player wanted a rematch and I wanted to try out a new caster. So I picked eButcher while he stuck with eGaspy. It was a short 35 point match as we both wanted to play MtG after it. There are fewer photos of this game because I sort of forgot 1/2 way through the game to take any more.

eButcher (proxied by MOW)
-Beast09 (proxied by Spriggan)

Great Bears
Black Dragon Fang pikemen + UA
Doomreavers (proxied by Kayazy)
Kayazy Eliminators (proxied by Snipers)


Bane knights
Withershadow combine

He wins deployment so he goes first.

Turn 1
-He runs up. eGaspy casts hellbound
+I move up as well, making sure to keep my pikemen in shield wall formation. Fenris runs one way, the doomies run the other. 

Turn 2
-He moves up, uses caustic mist to block LOS to his reaper so I can't wreck it with BDF pikemen AND PRECISION STRIKE. He also tempts me with several bane knights. 
+I ignore the bait, having taken it one too many times in the past. Instead I move normally with the pikemen, beat up a bloodgorger that was too close and perform their mini-feat. My armor is now 22. Kayazy charge his bonechicken, fail to do much to it.

Turn 3
-eGaspy casts parasite on the pikemen. Their armor is now 19. He uses his helljack to wreck some pikemen and then bane knights wreck some more pikemen. 2 bane knights charge beast09 but fail to do much to it. A bloodgorger charges the greatbears while others charge the doomies. They fail to kill them. His bonejack decides to walk over from the Kayazy eliminator, taking 1 free strike. I deal 13 points of damage to it and wreck it. His withershadow combine runs forward to block Fenris from running into eGaspy on my turn
+BDF pikemen get rid of some annoying bane knights. I cast ravager on eButcher. I'm left with 3 focus. I feat and go to town. I wreck several bloodgorgers, baneknights and his jack but I can not kill the bloodgorger that's right in front of my greatbears as it keeps making its damn tough rolls several times in a row. This means my greatbears will have trouble reaching eGaspy later as they can not charge through the bloodgorger. Doomreavers kill some more bloodgorgers and themselves. Kayazy eliminator runs to eGaspy and gets scared. Fenris tries to run past the withershadow combine dude in front of him and is dismounted with the freestrike.

End result? I have 9 fury tokens. I decide to take the chance. Great Bears run to eGaspy. He has hellbound upkept so everything within 5" of him is rough terrain. All 3 of them run 8" and then another 2" through rough terrain. I give 3 rage tokens to each. They only move 3" through rough terrain but they have REACH which means I can see and beat eGaspy. 2 GreatBears later and 6 rage tokens later, eGaspy is dead.

Thoughts on game: Probably shouldn't have charged into the jack with eButcher. I had to spend 2 focus just to down the damn thing before I could move on, it was focus which could have been used elsewhere (like making sure the damn gorger blocking my greatbears died) I probably would have survived a freestrike from the jack. Otoh, I'm not sure I would have gotten far with hellbound in play, letting me only move 1/2" every time I berserk.