Friday, 2 March 2012

Khador vs Legion 35 points


Managed to get in a few games yesterday. This is the first batrep. This was my first time playing against Legion and I was fairly apprehensive since they have a fairly large reputation. 

Min unit of mechanics


Legion goes first

Turn 1
-He runs up
+I run up

End of Turn 1

Turn 2
-He goes into the trenches. Tries to shoot me with his warbeasts but I'm out of range
+I upkeep tow and think whether I can try to assassinate him. But it seems unlikely because all his warbeasts are blocking me from throwing/slamming him.

End of turn 2

Turn 3
-More shooting commences
+I shoot him with BB and repair when possible. Kodiak runs up as a possible bait but I make sure he's still within easy range for me to tow if I need to.

End of turn 3 

Turn 4
-More shooting. He moves up a bit further
+I decide to stop this shooting match and tow to make contact with him. I feat and cast unearthly rage. I try to throw his ravagore into Absylonia but a horrible strength check on my 2H throw means I fail. This will not be the last time my 2H throw fails me this night -_- Sadly, I only manage to kill his carnivean due to bad positioning on my part (was really really needing that throw to succeed)

End of turn 4

Turn 5
-I expect to die. Surprisingly I don't. Yet. Absylonia feats and casts blight field. Anyway, he decides to throw my jacks into BB and KDs it. Both Demolisher and marauder are thrown this way. He then destroys Kodiak with bought attacks. 
+I make a mistake here. I tow and unearthly rage when I should have cast side arms instead. Anyway, I can't allocate focus to my jacks to make them stand up cause of blight field. I could tow/trample away but that would be a troll thing to do at this pint. So I go in and kill 1 more ravagore. 

End of turn 5

Turn 6
-He throws BB into Karchev. I get KD and then I get killed. Hence, why I should have upkept side arms simply to prevent myself from getting KD.

Thoughts on game: Well, this was my first time fighting Legion and I think I was more apprehensive than I needed to be which led to a more cautious play style. That and I couldn't find a good way to reach Absylonia with all the warbeast in the way. Secondly, I really really need to cast side arms more. The defense bonus is easily overcome, however the no KD is very valuable against certain armies. Also, we spent almost the whole game sniping each other with me taking less damage because a) I can repair myself more easily.

Some of the funnier parts of the game were when I failed with my 2H throw, when his scythean threshered my kodiak, and dealt more damage to his own Ravagores than he did to my Kodiak. Also, can't forget when after the match, both the Cryx and Legion player were saying Legion/Cryx are broken.