Tuesday, 6 March 2012

SW RPG Session #2 Transcript

Session 2

Kelwynn Young, human smuggler and pilot extraordinare! Ex-owner of the Corellian Light Freighter "Invariably Successful Under All Circumstances" which got 'repossessed' by Imperial forces. 

Hiara shak (hiara'shak),twilek noble and daughter of a prominent slave trader in coruscant. She's out to have fun and try out new things. Towards that purpose, she has hired some tough looking guys to try out bounty hunting along with her friend, Alicia.

Alicia; human female noble. Ditz in the worst possible way.

RC-1148, 'Prime'. Soldier. Republic Clone Commando, leader of Gamma Squad. Engaged with Separatist forces on Fellucia when Order 66 was issued. Refused to follow orders due to morality conflict. Killed squad mates when they refused to follow his orders to stand-down. Now a fugitive and on the run. Currently serving as a mercenary.

Zuul; human scout. Enlisted in the army after the clone wars but dropped out of boot camp as he found military life not to be to his liking.

What has happened so far: The party have to find out who’s behind a series of bombings to clear their name. They went down into the sewers, chasing after a cloaked figure who they suspected to be the one behind the bombing. They’re ambushed during the chase and it’s revealed the cloaked figure has a lightsaber and can deflect blaster shots. During this ambush, Alicia is knocked unconscious.

Alicia is still unconscious. Party leaves the noble where she is (in the middle of the sewer) and decide to come back for her later.

Party decides to track down the Jedi. Zuul does the tracking and everyone assists him. He passes.

Party walks in a straight line with the soldier first, Zuul, Kelwynn and then Hiara.
Prime passes perception check, notices the outlines of several figures in front of him. He halts the party silently and tells the scout to check it out. He notices 4 people 60m in front of him, armed.

Prime tells Zuul and Hiara to hide first. He prones. Zuul moves closer to get a better look at the members. He notices they're dressed scruffily and seemed to be dressed alike to the others they fought earlier, in the way poor people seemed to be dressed the same.

Kelwynn and Zuul stealth to the next sewer pipe 15m away. They are now 35m away from the figures. Figures fail to spot them. Zuul does perception check to listen in on them. They're talking crap about getting with women and how they hate sewer guard duty. No real useful information to be found here.

Hiara fumbles and drops into the water, alerting the guards (stealth roll of 2, guards perception of 20) “Halt who's there” they shout

Prime shouts “Don't shoot, we're friendly”
Guards: Identify yourself
Prime: I'm not your enemy, I'm a mercenary . I'm looking for someone
Passes diplomacy ; rolls 20
guards: No one passed here
Prime: Are you sure? I'm looking for a jedi, I want to help her
passes another diplomacy with a roll of 20
Guards: Hmm, he seems sincere, maybe we should call the commander.

They call the commander and then they wait for the commander to come down, while keeping their guns trained on the soldier. Party emerges from the darkness and guards are surprised to see them. Commander arrives with 3 other people. His group is more well-armored and less scruffy than the earlier batch of ruffians.

Commander *in a no nonsense way*: Who are you guys
Hiara: We're looking for a jedi
At the mention of the Jedi, Commander and his retinue point their pistols at the group menacingly.
Commander: Who are you? What do you know?!
Hiara tries to convince the commander that they're not friends of the empire

They pass 3 DC 20s to convince the guys to let them pass. Commander converses with them and lets them know that this isn’t the first time groups have come searching for the Jedi (one whole...clue thread gone...just like that) and leads them down a long winding road and opens a secret door. Only Kelwynn notices the patten with his perception roll. Inside the room, there’s a cloaked figure seated on the floor, with the back to the party.

Cloaked figure: Why have you come commander?
Commander: These people wanted to see you, I think they can help us
Cloaked figure: Fool.

The commander and the jedi converse and the Jedi called the commander a fool and dismissed him.

They try to convince the Jedi they mean no harm but first, Prime mentions he's a clone trooper. He wanted to explain his whole backstory

Prime: I’m a clone trooper
Jedi: DIE!

The jedi flips out upon his mention of being a clone trooper, part of the army that killed most of the jedis loved ones.

Battle commences
Jedi: 23
Prime: 17
Kelwynn: 13
Zuul: 20
Hiara: 2

Jedi force stuns Prime. Prime moves back during the surprise round.
They keep trying to talk her down during the actual battle but the jedi is berserk with battle lust and keeps beating the soldier. Prime tries to go up the condition track; while muttering about how BS this jedi is and joking about flipping the table, everyone tries to talk the jedi down. Jedi re-force stuns the soldier again. Everyone keeps failing their diplo check.

Hiara finally manages to talk down the Jedi, enough so that she stops trying to kill Prime. She uses the force to pin the soldier to the wall.  They convince her to let Prime go after another diplo roll. She teleports his gun to her.

They try to convince her that the bombings won't help in anyway but will actually be bad for alderaan in the long run and that it will attract the attention of the empire

At this point, they hear a friendly, cheerful voice pipe in from behind them.
Sith: Too late
3 sith appear. One of them is a smiling guy who seems super friendly. Pale face, blond hair. Looks a lot like this

Kelwynn: 10
Hiara: 15
Zuul: 15.5
Prime: 22.5
Jedi: 23

Sith: 22
SithLeader: ??

The sith leader jumps across the party and engages the Jedi in combat. The other sith go towards the party.

Prime goes first , shoots Sith1. Sith1 deflects. Party goes 'oh shitz'

At which point the party decides to go after the sith leader who’s having a cinematic battle with the Jedi. They keep failing to hit and try to hit the sith leader. They also fail to hit the normal sith until they decide to go into melee

Sith 1 takes 28 damage finally from Kelwynn. After 4 rounds, the Jedi finally dies and the sith leader walks away, telling his subordinates that if they die, it’s because they suck. Zuul is tempted to take a freestrike at the sith leader until he hears the GM mutter under his breath “Sure, provoke the guy who just easily took down a Jedi that was whipping your butts”

Hiara tries to heal the Jedi but it is a fatal blow. She whispers "Please tell XXX I'm sorry". Hiara does not catch the name she mentions.

They finally kill the guys in melee.
They loot the body. They take the bomb-making materials from the hide-out as evidence. They’re tempted to bring back the dead sith bodies as well until Zuul finally says “Hey guys, it might not be smart to bring dead bodies and the bomb materials out on top of the streets, where we’re still under suspicion of terrorist bombings”

They find the guards slaughtered and loot them. They find Alicia, still knocked out and drag her back, WITHOUT her flamethrower.
They go to meet the senator. Guards take their weapons and then escort them to the senator.
They talk, Seamus rewards them and gives them 7000 credits. They want to check the credits in the credit chip but again they don’t have a credit chip reader. Zuul asks if the Senator can disarm the bombs he implanted with them.

Seamus: What bombs?
Zuul: The bombs to make sure we did the job
Seamus: Oh that? I was lying. Man you guys are gullible.

They roll perception and they think Seamus is telling them the truth. They THINK. Hiara gets the senators general info email and they exchange facebook contacts so that in the future, if he needs to have any jobs done, he can look for them. Kelwynn tries to ask the senator if he can help find his ship but the senator having gotten what he wants from them basically rebuffs their every request. Including the one for medical aid.

Zuul: Is it possible for us to get some medical help?
Seamus: Hospital’s that way.

They finish the job and they pay the mercs. Next scenario takes place a week + in game time after this one.

They gain 200xp each for talking past the commanders
200xp for the Jedi
Bonus 100xp for talking down the Jedi
Most people hit level 2 except for Alicia who was missing/unconscious for most of the fight.

Also, since the Jedi is dead, here is her backstory


She was taken in by the Jedi temple, viewed her master as a parent, was maybe in love with another padawan but then during the time of order 66, she was saved only because she felt her loves death through the force and was able to react in time to save her own life from the clone troopers she originally trusted. Even then, she barely escaped with her life and was severely scarred. Since then she's spent 7 years evading the empire and Darth Vader while a need for vengeance stewed in her until she became a terrorist, lashing out at any people she deemed as helping the empire, including innocent businesses that had dealings with empire (and considering the empire is a universe-wide organisation, that's a lot of businesses). 

As is evidenced by the fact she has been the mastermind behind terrorist bombings, she is on the path to the dark side (but not fallen yet) but can still be saved. Her force powers do not have the dark side descriptor on them, ie. no force lightning etc. 

If she had been saved, she would have become a useful ally, helping the party out in the future.