Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Well, it had to happen. I've finally run into THAT Guy. Or to be more accurate, TFG. Those not familiar with the acronym, it -_- Or spend more time on dakkadakka. Either one.

So turns out TFG plays Hordes. Or more specifically, Legion. That's not an issue since hey, people can play whatever they want. It's just that Legion is also generally acknowledged by a majority of players as a very cheesy faction; arguably the cheesiest of all the factions. 

However, TFG does not think so. In fact, he likes to post on the local community page about how Legion is in fact NOT cheesy and in fact quite weak. Why? Because it has a hard time dealing with pButcher with IF on and camping focus. That's ONE warcaster out of an entire factions worth. Cue multiple replies saying 'no, no way d00d'.

Of course, he also likes to constantly complain about IF Kayazy and how they're unkillable. And how once the IK RPG comes out, he may decide to stop playing WM/H cause he likes to take unoptimised lists consisting of a warlock and multiple LEGION WARBEASTS >_< and keeps losing against all these 'optimised' lists. (Frankly, speaking as a person who plays Karchev regularly with 4 jacks and who has won against tournament tier lists, there's nothing wrong with taking multiple Legion heavies) Although if I was his DM, I'd throw in IF Kayazies as encounters for him.

Right, so he's a bit of a huge whiner but a whiner does not a TFG make. So what else is wrong with him? Well, judging from the game I saw, he's also a pretty blatant cheater. One of those people who measures and then moves the piece further. Like an inch or more further. From what I saw, he wanted to move his unit one way, decided against it, then moved back and then moved it even further another way. I commented "This seems a lot further than where you were originally" but he came up with some BS that no it wasn't and his opponent; a nice guy I've played against several times, just shrugged. This isn't even mentioning the fact that he changed the facing on his other figure while moving/moving back and then charging some model that wasn't originally in his LOS. So yes, he doesn't seem like a fun chap to play against. His opponent still won though -_-

So there we have it, my first AND hopefully last encounter with a TFG; who hopefully ragequits to go play the IK RPG.