Sunday, 4 March 2012

Khador Vs Cryx Round III, FIGHT!

Finally had some time to pen this batrep. It's basically my regular grudge match against a regular cryx player as I try means and ways to defeat his eGaspy list. The Guncarriage is in the list as a Legion player wanted to see it in action and I was like 'ah, why not?' and put it in instead of a tarpit unit like boomhowlers.


Mortar crew (represented by Marauder)
Doomreavers (represented by kayazy assassins)
2x Eliminators (represented by winter guard)


+bonejack *can't recall which*

Bane knights
Bile thralls
Pistol wraith
Withershadow combine

I win deployment so I go first.

Turn 1
-I tow/trample most units up as well. Doomreavers try to flank him. Guncarriage heads the other way as well, creates some rough terrain by shooting at the deathjack but it's out of range. Eliminators hide behind guncarriage
+He moves most things up and casts caustic mist on the pistol wraith so I can't see it. Although considering it can only be hurt by magical weapons, I can't be bothered with it at the moment. He uses caustic mist to block off the clear terrain route for the doomies so that if I want to reach him, I HAVE to go through the forest. 

End of turn 1

Turn 2
-I see a chance and I take it. His eGaspy is fairly close enough that I can try to do an assassination run. I upkeep tow, put 1 on behemoths subcortex. Karchev tows his group by walking normally and then feats with unearthly rage. My plan is to throw something into eGaspy and there are 2 choices here. The bloodgorger or the Deathjack. I choose the deathjack since it doesn't stop when it contacts bloodgorges. Kodiak moves up to death jack. I need a 7 on 3d6 to 2H throw the jack, which I'll then aim at the bloodgorger next to eGaspy and catch both of them with it. I roll a....6. On 3D6. After swearing, I try to use my demolisher to 2H throw the front bloodgorger into egaspy. I hit but it clips the other bloodgorger and stops. "Shit" I think. "I'm screwed" Nonetheless, I try anyway. I just need an 11 on 2d6 to hit the guy with BB -_-. I roll the die. It's an 11. Yes! I boost the damage and roll pretty well. The 2nd shot misses but scatters enough so that it I chip eGaspy. He's now left with 3 life.

It's do or die time. My Gun carriage moves up to engage in the fun. This is literally my last hope of killing eGaspy or I die. 1st shot from GC misses and deviates too far. My last shot misses as well but it catches eGaspy in the AOE. My power is 7, eGaspy has 16 armor and 3 life left. I need 12 on 2d6 to kill him.
And a 12!!!
And I do.

Thoughts on game: Man, this was a particularly nerve-wrecking game, especially when I missed that damn throw. It would actually have made everything so much easier since eGaspy would have been knocked down and I would have only had to roll 3 on 2d6 to hit him, which would have made sure he would have suffered through SIX pow 14-15 AOEs. No chance of surviving that unless I was really unlucky. Otoh, I made up for it with that very very lucky double sixes on that last roll. If that failed, I could only have tried to aim for him using the mortar crew but that was too far to reach him I think.

For some reason, my opponent moved eGaspy out too far which he rarely does. The past few games I've played with him, I've generally found it hard to get to eGaspy at which point my only choice would have been to bombard the crap out of the bane knights so that I killed off at least 90% of them which may force him to feat earlier than needed.