Monday, 26 March 2012

Thundercats 2011 S2

So, a new episode of Thundercats finally came out. What a wait, especially after the ending of season 1.

So what's new in S2? Not much, though there are a lot of scenes in the episode that remind me of S1. We get to see Lion-Os compassionate or empathic side once again, when he chooses to let the lizardmen he captured go free; in a scene reminiscent of the first episode of S1. Once again, the rest of the cats are like "DOOD WTF, DON'T LET THEM GO. THEY'RE OUR ENEMIES" and don't really understand where Lion-O's coming from. Yet, that's probably his greatest strength; being totally unlike the cats in general.

Also, what's with the fight in the episode? Did everyone take a level of suck suddenly? Lion-O is wielding two of the most powerful weapons in the universe; the stones, and we don't even get to see him throw around any energy blasts. Tygra apparently has a shitty weapon (guy does NOT know how to use a whip) and apparently isn't smart enough to use pewpew to shoot the enemy first before engaging in close combat. As for Cheetara? She sorta got owned. Hard. Actually, what happened to the clerics being able to shoot lightning from episode 1? Did Cheetara not learn that spell or something? Or is it a 4th level spell and she only knows 3rd level ones? And who are their opponents? A dog, a monkey and a lizard with the gun. WTF are they not wiping the floor with the other side? They should be able to, considering their abilities.

Also, regarding her suddenly surrendering, WTH? Were these the same cats who were so Honor before Reason that they wanted to go fight a huge lizard army back in S1E4 just so that they could have a suicidal glorious battle? And considering this attitude is apparently ingrained into them so deeply that the two little kids JOINED THEM in that hopeless fight, the fact that now some of them are actually willing to surrender boggles the mind? WTF happened in between S1 and 2? Did they get brainwashed/kidnapped/get their whole morality chart flipped?

As for the love triangle, they're really pushing it hard going into S2. I'm not really surprised. I was surprised when it seemed like it was going to be resolved in S1 but considering they've got 2 seasons planned at least and they kept mentioning the love triangle before the show started, I'd say chances don't look good for Tygra. Basically, early resolutions never bode well for something that's been talked about so much. Of course, they probably plan to keep the drama going for a while. After all, relationship drama sells. Much like how the Adventures of Lois and Clark had more viewers before Lois and Clark actually became an item in the show. 

Btw, I'm still waiting for Lion-O to "know a betrayal from his brother like he has never known" Because I refuse to believe that a professional writer can actually interpret Cheetara choosing Tygra as a betrayal from Tygra. Seriously, this better be some long-ass foreshadowing.