Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warhammer Invasion

Was playing a few games with someone I met at the FLGS and I just really really felt like getting into warhammer invasion again. It's a fairly fun and short game and best of all, because it's a LCG, that means no random booster packs. Instead, each expansion has a limited number of cards and when you buy the booster pack for that expansion, you'll get all the cards. It's something I really appreciate when I don't want to fork out money for random boosters.

I have a deck for almost every race in the game (easy to do when you can get all the cards easily), except for orcs. I just don't like the way the orcs play in the game. They're the fast and furious beat-down but I play dwarves for that and dwarves at least; imo, can set-up combos which orcs can't. 

Anyway, now that I've caught up to the latest expansion available here, I've discovered that High Elves have actually managed to branch out into being an aggro deck. Granted, it's still lacking certain things to be very good but it's a lot better when they were purely an indirect damage deck. The problem with indirect damage was that opponents could assign it however they wanted and it wasn't easy to last long enough in the game till you could set up all your HE pieces in play. But now, it's fairly easy to do a HE dragon-aggro deck thanks to the card <Dragon's lair>.

With that in mind, I began planning a new HE deck, having taken apart my old one for reasons I can't remember. It probably involves me saying 'fuck this shit, it's not working' multiple times.

Dreamer of Dragons x 3
Swordmasters of Hoeth x 3
Blade Lord x 3
Dragon Caller x 3
High Elf Spearmen x 3
Moon Dragon x 3
Silver Helm Detachment 
Dragonmage x 2
Peerless Swordmistress x 3
Lothern Seaguard x 3
Star Dragon x 3
Descendant of Indraugnir x 3

Gift of Life x 3
Wild Hunt x 3
Fury of Aenarion x 3
Charge of the Silver Helms x 3

Defend Tor Aendris x 3
Phoenix Ward x 3
Judgment of Loec x 3
Dragon's Lair x 3
Citadel of Dusk x 3

I like to have a certain theme in mind when designing decks/armies and this one was basically 'bring as much aggro as I can while trying to bring out dragons, and to do that, try to accelerate resources asap'. Hence a lot of units which have higher power than average as well as cards that can boost resources. 

Eg. Charge of Silver helms at start of turn before gathering resources will increase your resources by 3 for 1 resource. That's pretty damn worth it. Also Dreamer of Dragons? On the 2nd turn, you can take 2 damage and suddenly have 6 resources instead of 4. Otoh, I also made sure to put in a lot of cards that potentially screw over/delay opponents such as phoenix ward or wild hunt.