Monday, 1 October 2012

Torchlight 2

Right, so it's been about a week since Torchlight II came out and how does it fare?

Well, let's start with the inevitable comparison. Torchlight II vs Diablo 3. Lots of people are going to be making this comparison. First of all, price. In this aspect, Torchlight II wins. It cost me like barely 20SGD compared to D3, which retails for 80SGD. In terms of gameplay, they're similar but overall I'd have to say I prefer Torchlight II because of several reasons which I'll go into later. For online connectivity, I'd say D3 wins at the moment simply because Torchlight II still has some issues with its online capabilities. In terms of visuals, D3 wins again but it's not a huge deal for me since TL2s visuals are nice enough; except for its animated movies, seriously wtf is up with that??

One of the things I wish TL2 had are more classes. With only 4 character classes, it feels like you're waiting for an expansion to drop. With at least 5 classes, it would feel more like a full fledged game. Although to be honest, I've only played the engineer so far. From what I've seen, embermages are broken.

Torchlight II doesn't really re-invent the action RPG genre but it does do it very well. Unlike D3, I never really found it to be a grind. But then again there's no Inferno mode in TL2 -_- Funny how that correlates. But I guess it's also partially because of the Mapworks system in Torchlight II. Which means you don't just have to grind the same storyline sections over and over and over again. In fact, some of the mapwork systems have funny prefixes which makes it so that the map will give you bonuses or penalties, depending on the map. I usually pick the maps that give me +10% to magic find -_-

Speaking of magic find, I would have to mention that the item drop rate in TL2 is insanely bountiful compared to D3. In D3, you were lucky if things dropped at all, and even then you were lucky if the items that dropped were EVEN useful at all. Not so much in TL2. Most of the items dropped had nice stats and weren't utterly useless enchantments (I'm looking at you Mr. Rare -14 levels to level requirement bow)

As it is right now, I'm using set equipment in TL2. Set equipment in D3 was mainly useless because the set bonuses weren't great enough, or because it was near impossible to find the whole set WITHOUT going to the RMAH. Not really the case in TL2. As it is, 30% health steal? That's great!

So overall, TL2? It's a lot more fun that D3 ended up being after you completed the storyline once. Item drops are plentiful, which frankly is why we play these sort of games in the first place. Also, at the end, I just didn't have fun playing D3 because it really felt like I was banging against a wall for no reason. It's funny because I do a lot of grinding as well in games like Disgaea where I endlessly go into item worlds but in that case, I get to level up. Then when I kill enough stuff, I can reincarnate and then go level up again. I didn't get that in D3 because level 60 was the max. I didn't even have the luxury of getting nice items because the items that dropped were CRAP. So far TL2 hasn't given me any of those problems yet, even though I am shockingly enough, above lvl 60. The same level 60 that was the level cap in D3. 

tl;dr TL2 rewards me enough to keep playing it.