Friday, 17 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness *Spoilers*


Now that's over with, Star Trek Into Darkness is a bit like Wrath of Khan redux. Though obviously, it's not totally like it but spiritually, yeah it is -_-

So what's the basic plot line of STID *thankfully, there's an I between the T and the D in that....*? Well, long story short, rogue agent commits acts of terrorism against Starfleet and attacks Starfleet HQ, killing Kirk's mentor and father-figure. Kirk gets sent to Klingon space to kill the agent. Kirk instead decides to bring the rogue back to Starfleet for a trial but then he's double-crossed by his superior who wants the rogue to die because he knows too much. Kirk and the rogue; who turns out to be this timelines version of Khan, team up and Khan ends up killing the superior. He then doublecrosses Kirk, causing his (temporary) death, which leads to Spock screaming "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!" and then chasing him down to fight him. In the end, Khan is defeated, Kirk is turned into a zombie using Khan's blood and Khan is cryogenically frozen again. 

I'm not a huge Star Trek fan; more of a Star Wars one really, but there's a few things that bother me quite a lot about the movie. Is there no military in the ST universe? A few comments in the movie made me think that there actually aren't any military forces in ST, what with the admiral saying he wanted a more militarized Starfleet. If so, wtf is Starfleet for? If it's not the military, is it just some civilian exploring organisation? What's the motive for it? Is it searching for stuff for monetary value? Science value? I mean, if we were to look at history for parallels, most explorers had reasons for going on explorations, and most of those reasons had to do with who was funding them. I'm not really understanding Starfleets raison d'etre.

And then there's the issue about the military. Are you telling me that there's no military force at all in ST? And that Starfleet is it? The humans in ST must be the most pacifistic humans EVER in fictional history. Which kinda shows in a lot of ways on how inept they are when it comes to warfare. I mean Khan was able to just fly up to Starfleet HQ and blaze away in a combat helicopter, with no one stopping him. Seriously wtf is with that? That's even more retarded than the 3 helicopters flying to Tony Starks mansion in Iron Man 3. They keep talking about how Khan is more savage but in reality, take a normal dude from the modern day and put him in the ST universe, and you'd have Khan. Albeit without the superpowers. It really reminds me of an old dogbert joke.

The improbability of having no military at all aside, this film was pretty decent. Although J.J Abrams needs to stop PUTTING in so much damn melodramatic orchestra and realise that it's not a decent substitute for dialogue or exposition. Also, Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (man, that's a mouthful) seems a bit too scrawny to really do the superhuman feats Khan is supposed to be capable of. I'm not quite sure why he was cast as Khan and not Mark Ruffalo, who at least is more buff and looks like a fairly intelligent guy. 

Also, Kirk and Spock really need to just admit they're platonic life mates and get it over with.