Thursday, 16 May 2013

Vlad3 vs eDeneghra

After a lot of Cygnar, I'm going to take my Khador out and use it for a while. And I'm going to start it with one of my favored casters.


Greylord Outriders
Yuri the Axe


Bane Thralls
Satyxis Raiders with UA
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Raider Captain

I've never fought against eDeneghra before so this should be interesting. And possibly painful... My list is just short of being a Tier list, all I really need to do is swap out the manhunters for Fenris and a Drakhun that's not a Dragoon. But I like the manhunters. They give me more options and for solos, they're pretty damn tough. 

I win deployment and we run scenario #4; Ammunition Run

Turn 1
-I'm going to try and flank. My Uhlans run up left flank, making sure they're within charge distance of his objective. Markov follows along. I scatter them in groups of 3 and 2 so that they gain their armor bonus. Manhunters run to the forest in the center but don't enter it. I was planning on having them being able to contest the zone/objective as well as possibly kill some infantry later on. Hands of Fate go onto the Greylord Outriders and Infernal Machine onto Drago, then Vlad walks up the center, towards the zone. Greylords advance and then use winter's wind on themselves. Then they light cav move up 5" more. Drago runs up in the direction of 11 o'clock of the board, skirting the forest. I want to use him to destroy the objective on the left later on. 
+Deneghra gives focus to the chickens. One runs up into the forest and then hellmouths my poor Manhunters. After a lot of boosting, all 3 manhunters are dead. Not a good sign. Satyxis Raiders order a charge but only a few of them are in range to hit the Greylords. 1 Greylord ends up dying. I ended up misjudging their charge distance because I forgot, they have desperate pace. Damn. Bane Thralls run up the center. 

Turn 2
-Vlad upkeeps both spells. He casts dash and then charges the chicken in the forest. Thankfully I have relentless charge. I choose to end 2" away from the chicken which means I can only hit it with my lance. But it also means that the people on the OTHER edge of the forest can't see me. And considering there are a lot of banes on the other side...That might be the best thing. I boost to hit, hit and then I damage it severely. Greylords happily walk out of the range of the Satyxis Raiders and then try to aim for some bane thralls and satyxis. Their magic attacks really shine at this moment when my opponent reminds me that he's engaged with one of them and I reply "Nope, magic not ranged :P". Anyway, I do kill some bane thralls but they ALL make their tough rolls so that was kinda wasted. On the other hand, I manage to spray the Satyxis UA to death as well as some others. Turns out I CAN hit def 14 with HOF on the Greylords. Then I light Cav move backwards. Uhlans stay where they are because they're there to take down the objective and I can't hurt it yet this turn. The cluster of 2 uhlans does move backwards a bit though so they can have charge distance if someone decides to tie up the front cluster. Practiced maneuvers will allow me to charge past my own front line. Drago runs up a bit more.
+My opponent decides to try something funny. He moves the chicken that's currently engaged with Vlad3 away to try and arcnode it. Doesn't work because with the freestrike, I take out its arcnode. He then runs up the other chicken and hellmouths the objective to try and suck Vlad closer but he ends up sucking himself and the first chicken back to the objective. I take very little damage from the hellmouth but his 2 chickens are near dead. He feats and catches everyone but the Uhlans and the wardog in his feat. 2 bane thralls charge the objective and kill it  but manage to make their tough rolls. His 1st chicken ends up dying to the explosion. I take nothing from the explosion since I still have 4 focus on me. His other chicken takes more damage and we're all set on fire. His satyxis raiders charge and kill 2 more of my greylords but I pass my morale check. He was almost going to run the rest of his Satyxis raiders up but he didn't when he saw me grin widely at that. 

Turn 3
-So I'm stuck there. At least there's a chicken and 2 bane thralls to keep me company. I upkeep both spells but can't seem to get rid of the fire. Wardog charges a Satyxis raider and kills it and then returns.  I use my three initials to kill the thralls next to me and the chicken dies as well. Then I feat and camp on my focus. Drago does nothing because he's too far. Greylords spray more Satyxis Raiders to death. The uhlans charge the objectives and some bane thralls but they're out of reach for the bane thralls, which is a pity. They pulverise the objective and take some fire damage but do not die from it. So we're both at 1 point. 
+Time for an assassination run. He hellmouths his own bane thrall to bring Vlad 1.5" further up. Then Tartarus charges Vlad and threshers. But misses! He apparently forgot I was still within 3" of the dog. Yep. Gotta love dogs. Bane Thralls charge me en masse; those that can fit that is, which is about 4. Enough of them miss that Vlad3 is still alive. And hey, targets for flashing blade. The remaining Satyxis Raiders charge the objective on the right and kill it but in the process kill themselves as well with the explosion. It also ended up killing my last 2 greylords so I guess they came out ahead on that. It's 2 points for him and 1 for me. 

Turn 4
-No more feat for me and her. No focus goes onto Drago but I upkeep infernal machine. Again, I fail to put out the fire. I use Drago to advance and beat up Tartarus and 1 bane thrall, which he does thanks to Bloodbath. I flashing blade to clear the remaining bane thralls and move back a bit. Suddenly I'm dominating the zone. Markov charges a warwitch Siren and misses, which is a pity since I was counting on blast damage to clear out the bane thralls next to it. I use the remaining Uhlans to hunt down some bane thralls.
+Suddenly the shoe is on the other foot. I've got 3 points to 2. If he can dominate this zone, he wins but he has almost nothing left. Warwitch walks happily away from Markov since he only has reach on charge attacks... She hits Drago and makes it so that he can not advance except to change facing. A bane thrall and the Satyxis Solo then run to contest the zone while another bane thrall beats up an uhlan and blocks their charge lanes. 

Turn 5
-I still can't get rid of the fire. If I don't win this turn, I'm probably dead. I'm thinking of what's the best way to do this because I need that solo dead. Vlad3 would be easy enough but I decide that it's a bit risky. I give Drago 2 focus. He can't advance but he can blow up to kill that annoying warwitch nearby. Wardog moves back to make sure he won't be caught in the blast radius. Drago then rolls to see if he blows up. Yep, he does. Bye bye Warwitch siren. Vlad3 decides to move up and hand of fate the Uhlans and cast dash. I want to keep some distance after all. Markov charges the banethrall and kills it. Uhlans charge the last Satyxis Solo and kills it. With that, I dominate the zone again, putting me at 5 points for the win.

Thoughts on game
Interesting game. I thought I was definitely screwed after losing the manhunters and after the feat turn. The forest in the center helped save both him and me several times since it blocked LOS to Vlad and blocked Vlads LOS to him as well. I think it also helped that he had no range and had to blow up the objectives in melee. Which obviously killed a fair number of his troops.

Overall, Hands of Fate on the Greylords work really well. I should have gone after the Satyxis Raiders at the start instead of the Bane Thralls since they have tough and auto standup anyway, which is annoying. I'm pretty sure I only killed 1 bane thrall with the sprays; thanks to tough...., but I killed 70% of his Satyxis unit with the Greylords. Winter's wind is interesting but the Greylords don't really survive long enough for it to come into play. Either they need to be IFed or I need to put it on Beast09 I guess.

Also, I need to stop blowing up Drago apparently.