Tuesday, 28 May 2013

eIrusk vs Kromac

Testing out an idea for an eIrusk tier list. It's either really good or really bad.


Winterguard with UA and 3 rocketeers
Winterguard with UA
Min Battle mechanics
Kovnik Joe

-Warpwolf Stalker

Skinwalkers with UA
Shifting stones with UA

While I don't have Iron Flesh, I do still have bob and weave for both units, which brings their defense up to a respectable 14 at least. This is really just to test the list out. eIrusk can give tough to anyone within 10" while Joe can give tough to the others not within 10". The Conquest is there for Fire For Effect and also to crack armor. The real question is can def14 stand up to the test? Along with CRA and CMA and sprays.... We play Scenario 11 and I choose to go second.

Turn 1
-His skinwalkers run up to the center. Ghetorix stays on the left flank but doesn't move too far up. He's obviously going to use his skinwalkers to try and jam me. Kromac follows behind, casts warpath on himself and wild aggression on the Stalker. Gorax sticks nearby Ghetorix, who will probably need the animus more than the stalker would. Druid moves up and shifts to stoneform.
+1 focus to the Conquest. It runs up because his units are still too far away to make shooting them worthwhile. And from personal experience, Conquest moves too slowly if he doesn't run the first thing. At least without speed/mov buffs. I cast FFE on the Conquest and Tactical Supremacy on the WGDS with the rockets. They then bob and weave up the right flank. Joe gives them fearless and tough. The other WGDS bob and weaves up the left flank.

Turn 2
-His skinwalkers run up the hill and stay base2base to block LOS to Kromac. Kromac moves up behind them and casts bestial. No spells can be cast in his control area. It's a brutal spell but I'm not planning on casting any spells. Stalker moves further up and Ghetorix positions himself further up as well. 
+Irusk gives 4 focus to Conquest. Thank you bond -_- I upkeep both spells. I feat to prevent him from charging and then I shoot the objective. Pretty much ping off it but I keep my last focus and don't boost because with Circle, you NEVER know. Conquest moves and turns so his center is facing the right objective; but due to stability on hill issues, he has issues balancing. Probably too top heavy. Anyway, his FFE shot is on the skinwalkers of course. I'm hoping to crit so I can send them flying backwards. I hit but don't crit. And then every single damage roll is boosted. I damage 2 skinwalkers badly and hurt Kromac a bit. He then spends all his twin-linked shots firing at the objective but I roll horribly for damage. WGDS on the right moves up and CRAs the objective but again, horrible rolls. WGDS on the left moves up to block charge lanes and also CRAs the objective and some of the skinwalkers. I kill 2 skinwalkers, which is good. At the end of it, the objective only has 2 hp on it. Ugh. WGDS moves up even further into the zone with tac supremacy.

Turn 3
-He upkeeps both spells. Kromac casts Inviolable resolve on the Skinwalkers and casts bestial again. The skinwalkers end up charging the objective and some WG. They kill the objective....not hard when it only has 2 life left on it, and kill some WGDS. Surprisingly, they have a hard time hitting the WGDS even without IF. Stalker comes in and berserks itself among the WGDS on the right. After killing 3, he misses the last one even with wild aggression on. He then sprints forward to engage my WGDS. Ghetorix moves forward into the left zone, followed by the Gorax. He's already up 1 point. 
+No casting of spells again. Not that I really care. I have two priorities right now. I need to kill either Stalker OR Ghetorix. Ghetorix is much more likely to one-round the Conquest but Stalker has berserk, which is a lot deadlier to the WGDS than Ghetorix. I decide the Stalker has to die. 4 focus to Conquest again and I move backwards. Because the scenario has a killbox, I'm ceding another 2 points to my opponent but if I don't, Kromac can most likely reach me and kill me. Damn jump. Joe gives the right WGDS boosted attack rolls and shoots the stalker. I hit and do a bit of damage. WGDS moves away from Stalker and he kills some, the others make a tough roll. Go 10" CMD tough bubble of eIrusk. More importantly, since they're KDed, they're no longer engaging him. They CRA the Stalker, which injures but doesn't kill him. I follow this up with Conquest moving backwards; to get some distance between Ghetorix and it and then shooting the Stalker to death with all its guns. Left WGDS moves up into the zone and continues CRAing. 

Turn 4
-He makes a mistake here. While reaving the fury from the Stalker, he ended up having excess fury and his Gorax frenzies. It charges and misses a WG. Could have been worse. His Skinwalkers charge more WG but again, have a hard time hitting them. He could try CMAing them but that would require bunching them closer together which might not be a good idea. But either way, it's stopping me from walking away or shooting him. It's just annoying because while I may be able to hit him, I certainly can't hurt him (pow 8 vs arm 20) but while he may have a hard time hitting me, if he hits, I'm dead. But I also outnumber him. Kromac stays in the zone and casts Bestial again and surrounds himself with his stones. Ghetorix tramples all the way over to the Conquest, which means it loses its initials and has to spend 1 focus just to trample. He should have walked over to cast WA on it but I guess he didn't want to leave the right zone, which he can easily dominate if only my units were dead. Ghetorix gets freestriked by a lone WG who actually deals some damage. Then he proceeds to buy attacks on Conquest but rolls horribly for each. At the end of it, I'm horribly alive.
+4 focus to Conquest. I upkeep all my spells. Mechanics repair Conquest. Conquest moves up and squashes Ghetorix. my left WGDS moves up to shoot at the warpborn skinwalkers but I do very little damage due to most of them being engaged. My right WGDS moves further into the zone but later on I forgot to tac supremacy move them, which almost cost me the game. They shoot at the unengaged Skinwalker UA. Joe gives fearless and tough to the left WGDS. eIrusk moves back out of the killbox and stands back in the center of things. I just need to worry about the Gorax, who basically has his mind/body down from some earlier attacks. 

Turn 5
-My opponent checks. He's still far to try and jump assassinate me. Thankfully Warpath does not work on warlocks. He moves up to kill some WG on the right. His shifting stones teleport one of the skinwalkers right next to Irusk but turns out, that's too far and out of his CMD range. Looks like that skinwalker is going to be doing nothing. Skinwalkers try and kills more WG and manage to clear quite a few of them. Gorax runs backwards instead of trying to assassinate Irusk. 
+I give 2 focus to the conquest and drop tac supremacy. The right WGDS has been almost decimated to the point it's not worth keeping tac supremacy on it. The WG engaging Kromac moves away and takes a freestrike. Then those who can, CRA and shoot Kromac. Joe gives the left WG boosted attack rolls and shoots Kromac again. Left WG CRA on Kromac in multiples of 3s and almost kill him. He's left with a few hp. Conquest slowly tries to move into the zone but he's blocked by a lot of things so he decides to shoot Kromac as well. I miss even with FFE on. End result? Kromac is left with 2 hp.
Turn 6
-Depending on his luck, my opponent could win this right now if he clears all my units from the right zone. His skinwalkers try to kill some but they miss enough that he's FUBARed. There are enough WG left in the zone that he can't kill all of them alone with Kromac. Kromac decides to lead a suicide charge into Conquest. 
+Conquest gets 4 focus. Conquest smashes. 

Thoughts on game
I still think my opponent should have tried to win by Scenario but I think he forgot in the rush of the game. But he was up by 3 points after all. All it would have taken was dominating one zone to win. 

Overall, 2 WGDS are pretty good even without IF. The only real issue is that once you get stuck in melee....You get stuck in melee because there's almost no way to escape most of the time. Hence the Conquest, to crack armor and med-based infantry. WGDS with Tac supremacy is almost scary though. Movement 6 + 3" for tac supremacy.