Friday, 3 May 2013

pCaine vs Rahn

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Black 13
Stormblades with UA and max gunners
Harlan Versh
Tempest Blazers
Journeyman warcaster


Dawnguard Sentinels with UA

This is a pretty magic heavy list, as befitting Rahn. I took out the rangers in the list because at 5 points, they just didn't make back their cost. I really didn't need them for a situational +2 RAT when I'm pretty much going to just dead eye everything when I can. Also took out reinholdt because I didn't need the extra shot most of the time. So I put in pEiryss because I figure with snipe, deadeye and AD, she should be fun. Harlan is there to put the hate on upkeeps and the remaining 4 points I just took the Black 13 because there isn't much that fits at 4 points.

I win deployment and go first. We're playing scenario #6

Turn 1
-1 focus to Lancer. Lancer runs towards my own zone; on the left. He hides behind the forest just to be sure. pCaine activates, casts snipe on the Tempest Blazers, casts Blur on the Stormblades because 15/15 stats isn't bad. He then walks up to my zone. Stormblades run up the centre. pEiryss runs up to behind the forest on the right. She's now in the opponents zone. I'm trying to angle for a shot on the warjack or caster. Harlan Versh runs up the center right. Tempest Blazers run all the way up to the left, hiding in the forest within my zone. 
+He gives 1 focus to the Phoenix and the Chimera. Chimera runs towards my zone. Phoenix runs towards his own zone. The Sentinels run up the center, towards my stormblades. Rahn activates and casts polarity field on them and moves to the right of the map. He also arcs a spell through the chimera into my Tempest Blazers. He hits one and kills it with force hammer. Almost gets 2 of them but due to the rough terrain, the slammed distance is halved.He's edging towards his own zone and the magisters and battlemages follow him. Eiryss hugs the Phoenix, which is a mistake. 

Turn 2
-Tempest Blazers want revenge. I take an extra focus from the squire, upkeep Snipe. Dead eye goes onto pEiryss and the stormblades. Then Caine teleports to behind the impassable obstacle on the right side of the map. Tempest Blazers move up with Snipe. One of them electroleaps the Phoenix eEiryss is hiding behind. No damage on Phoenix but dead Eiryss. Then I start brutal shoting the Chimera. Once that's done, I light cav move backwards to my zone. The stormblades assault the Chimera. Even though none of my blades make it into combat, suddenly it's dead from all the pow 14 shots. Now for the tricky part. pEiryss moves up and gets an angle on Rahn. She shoots, she hits. And now Rahn has no focus for the next turn. Harlan Versh moves up and shoots the Sentinels, killing 3 of them and triggering Vengeance the next turn. 
+Sentinels vengeance and move up. There's nothing nearby for them to hit. Rahn gets no focus but upkeeps polarity field for free thanks to Sylyss. The Sentinels decide to charge/run at the stormblades and Harlan. They make short work of Harlan and 3 stormblades. That's not enough though. But they're also now engaged with the stormblades. which make shooting them harder. The two magisters charge Eiryss but miss both times. However, this locks her down. The battlemages huddle to protect Rahn, who moves further behind the forest, blocking LOS to him for most of my troops. Except Eiryss. No points are scored. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep snipe again. Take another focus from the Squire. My real issue now are the sentinels. I want to kill them because they're blocking my charge lane to the Phoenix, which I need to disable so that it can not use its arcnode. The Black13 move and shoot the sentinels. I actually miss with Ryan and the AOE4 magestorm deviates and clips my own guy as well. However, I do manage to take out 3 of his vs 1 of mine. The other two select black penny and fire into melee and take out 2 targets. The tempest blazers move up and shoot at the unengaged UA with electroleap and take out a 2-3 more of his units, bouncing off a few shots. Then pCaine finishes by moving around the obstacle and feating. Between that and all my initials, I kill off every single last Sentinel. I cast deadeye on the Stormblades and then I teleport backwards again. Stormblades assault the phoenix and I roll like crazy for the damage. I remember rolling double 6s on the damage roll twice in a roll, which makes it take 8 damage ALONE from assault and then rolling a 1 on the location with the same dice twice in a row. By the time I get to actually resolving charge attacks, the phoenix is dead. pEiryss decides to take a chance and moves past the Magisters because I'm useless if I'm stuck there. I have a below average chance of hitting them and a very very very below average chance of actually damaging/killing them. However, it's not to be and the first freestrike kills her. I get 2 points for controlling the enemy zone with my units. 
+He's left with the Battlemages, Magisters, Sylyss and his caster. He decides to feat, moves up with Rahn into his own zone and beats down a stormblade. And then he forcehammers another stormblade. The battlemages move down to the right and cast spells at the tempest Blazers and the stormblades. As do the magisters. End of turn, I'm left with no stormblades, one of the black 13 is down and 2 tempest Blazers. However, I do still have Lancer, Squire and Journeyman. 

Turn 4
-Last focus from the Squire. I upkeep Snipe. Lancer moves up.  pCaine casts deadeye on the tempest Blazers and Black13 using the Lancer as an arcnode. He then teleports away again. Ryan moves up and magestorms the battlemages since they're so close together. I clear out 3 of them and a magister with the AOE4. Now he's got nothing in the zone. Tempest Blazers then electroleap his remaining battlemages. Squire runs up and controls the zone. That's 4 points for me and just one more to win.
+His last battlemage charges and kills the squire. He then dominates his own zone for 1 point.

Turn 5
- I upkeep snipe. Tempest Blazers move up and shoot Sylyss to death with brutal shots. Black 13 kills off his remaining battlemage. pCaine moves up and teleports into the zone to dominate it for 3 points. It's a scenario win. 

Thoughts on game
Polarity field is a pretty awesome spell. It stops my stormblades from assaulting whoever its cast on, which means that they pretty much get to survive and make first contact. 

Also, I can't decide between pEiryss and eEiryss. Granted, I don't strip upkeeps with pEiryss, but I do get to potentially screw over the opponents next turn. Definitely prefer keeping the Black 13 compared to the Rangers though.