Tuesday, 14 May 2013

pCaine vs Fiona

I've played against a variation of this list before back when I was first starting out. Of course, back then the Galleon wasn't out...


Tempest Blazers
Stormblades with UA and 2 gunners
Katherine Laddermore
Journeyman warcaster
Harlan Versh

Fiona the Black

Rhupert Carvolo Gorman
Long gunners with UA
Bosun Grogspar
Dougal Macnaile
Doc Killingsworth
Alexia and the Risen

Yeah, the Galleon is a mean-looking piece. With nonokrion brand on it, it's pretty deadly as well. Makes me wish I brought a Stormwall with me but I'm not sure how I would displace 19pts worth of model for it. Maybe by replacing the stormlances. Anyway, I go first and we're playing Scenario #6

Turn 1
-Tempest Blazers get snipe on them and pCaine moves up the center. I need to make sure I stay away from his Galleons guns cause I don't want to be dragged towards it. I cast Blur on myself for that reason. Tempest Blazers move up and hide behind the forest on the left. The real threat is the long-gunners. And Galleon. All the rest are fodder. Stormblades move up the center and Journeyman casts Arcane Shield on them. Stormlances move up the right flank. 
+Long Gunners run up the hill. Galleon moves up the center. His pressganger mess; with all the pirate solos, come running down the left flank. He's going to try and reach my zone and jam me. Alexia goes running down the right flank to stall my Stormlances. Hawk jams my pEiryss and prevents it from moving. 

Turn 2
-I hate long gunners. I upkeep both spells and arcane shield on the Stormblades. Anyway, pCaine moves up and feats but thanks to a 4+ tough and no KD and some insanely good tough rolls, I kill very little. But I do kill the doc though. Deadeye goes onto the Tempest Blazers and I teleport backwards. The stormblades assault Hawk and the Bosun and pressgangers and kill a few of them; including my own pEiryss thanks to the 3" bubble. Still not enough though. Ryan actually misses with her magestorm, which I was planning to clear out this cluster of pressgangers with Bosun Grogspar. It deviates all the way to the long gunners, blocking LOS for me. Tempest Blazers move up and snipe the long gunners with electroleap. I kill some of them but not enough. Stormlances order assault and I run one unit next to his Eiryss and then I assault another unit into it. I miss my shot but I do hit it in melee, which causes the electroleap to kill pEiryss. I also kill my own stormlance but a 2.2 point unit for a 3 point Eiryss seems worth it. The rest kill Risen with electroleaps. 
+His pressgangers try and charge my Tempest Blazers but most fail to hit. Macnaile uses his action to give the Long gunners +2 RNG. He casts telgash mark on Grogspar and then uses that to cast affliction on the Stormblades and then feats. His long gunners proceed to shoot my arm18 to death thanks to affliction and doubletapping. This a pretty annoying combo. His galleon shoots my lances and stormblades as well and wipes more of them out. I'm only left with 1 at the end of the turn. Alexia summons a thrall warrior and proceeds to try and kill some stormlances. Not that successfully though. 

Turn 3 
-I drop Arcane Shield and Blur. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on pCaine. Laddermore and the stormlances charge the remaining Risen and clear the enemy zone. I'm now controlling it for 2 points. Tempest Blazers shoot the Long Gunners when they can but also shoot the pressgangers engaged with them. The stormblade captain charges Bosun Grogspar and puts an end to him. MacNaile dies to a well-placed shot by pCaine who then teleports backwards again to his own zone. Even though Fiona is somewhat out in the open, I can't really do much to him thanks to his feat. 
+His long gunners move into the zone and ping away at my Tempest Blazers. Galleon kills off the rest of my stormlances, not that there are many left now. Alexia and Thrall warrior charges Katherine but she's alive. Gorman black oils Katherine and hits Alexia as well due to deviation. Fiona then charges Katherine and dismounts her, which then puts her out of her reach but still within the zone.

Turn 4
-I have a fairly long shot of winning this. Possibly. Depending if I charge my Lancer and then tp into the zone to dominate it if no one else is around, I MIGHT win. I don't upkeep any spells and give 1 focus to the lancer. The last of the black 13 shoots into melee with black penny and...misses. Damn. Now, to hope I can electroleap Alexia to death by hitting her with Katherine. I don't choose the thrall because Alexia is also affected by the black oil and hence requires the same amount to hit as the thrall. but I hit at pow 13, so thats a difference while the leap is pow 10. I miss. I definitely need to clear my zone otherwise the long gunners are going to eat me alive. I try a desperate last trick. Lancer runs up to the long gunners. Caine moves up and thunderstrikes the Lancer in the back but I roll only a 2 for distance and only catch 3 long gunners, who then proceed to make their tough rolls! I'm too far out to teleport backwards anymore and with a looming Galleon in the foreground, there can only be one obvious answer. I end up conceding. 

Thoughts on game
My original plan was to thunderstrike the Lancer,hope I roll a 4 or more on distance , which would slam it past most of the long gunners and then pick the others off with my initial shots. Then the tempest blazers would follow up and and blaze them to death before blocking LOS to pCaine. Unfortunately, that didn't work. 

Overall, could have done better. The gimmick to the list are the Long Gunners but they really need to stand still to work. I should just run circles around them, forcing them to move after me all the time, which makes them give up the aiming bonus and the double tap ability. Then there would be a matter of the Galleons health to worry about but again, it's only one model. One very...annoying model. The first time I played against this list, I ended up winning cause a)I was playing Karchev so they failed to assassinate me b) before that I had crippled the shooting capability of his army severely with Guncarriage and Behemoth and Demolisher.