Friday, 10 May 2013

X-Wing Miniatures Transport system

So I've sorta gotten into this game as well. A bit later than some of my other friends but then again Warmachine takes up a lot of my hobby time, what with painting and playing. 

I'm going to say, I like this game a lot. I wasn't really so impressed with it when I took it out of the box and looked at the rules. But after playing through it, I'd say I'm hooked on it. 

So what's great about this game? Well, the miniatures are prepainted for one thing. And they're painted decently to boot, which is a surprise. As someone who's used to D&Ds standard of prepainted miniatures, this came as a shock. 

Secondly, the standard tournament size for the game is 100 points. Which can easily consist of anywhere between 2-8ships. Although seriously, no one is probably going to play a 8 TIE fighter spam list because it's just too skewed towards low-cost cannon fodder. 2 ships is also generally hard to win with so the best balance seems to be 3-5. 

However, the biggest issue of any miniature game would be transport. Especially since the models are kind of fiddly at times with all sorts of strange parts poking out. And they're not made out of metal either, which means they're not that durable. So you kind of need to make sure they're well protected at all times. 

So far, there seem to be 2 companies making specific foam for the system. one is KR multicase and the other is Battlefoam. Now I've used both brands before and while Battlefoam is nice, it's also a lot more expensive than KR multicase and I'm not sure it's worth it. Looking at the foam trays, the Battlefoam is tailored to your models (up to wave 2), however you're not able to put them on their flight stand. They're also basically fitted only to Wave 2, which means when Wave3 comes, it's time to buy a new foam tray. Again. As for KR, they're also fitted for your models; up to Wave2, but the difference is you can put them on their flight stands and store them in the case. I'm lazy enough that that's a huge plus point for me. However, again, I'm not sure how well it will work for Wave3. My particular concern is with the B-wings since those aren't shaped at all like the other ships. 

So with those concerns, I'm basically not going to invest in any customised foam at the moment. Though if I was going to, I would be going with KR because; including shipping, it's cheaper for me to get extra foam trays from them than Battlefoam.

In the end, since my collection was still quite small, I've ended up magnetising them.

Using rare earth magnets and a 2 dollar plastic container I got from Daiso, I magnetised them so that they could fit in it and still be on their flight stands. Again, lazy person here. 

The magnets work well enough that they can withstand the box being put on its side or being put upside down. As you can see from the magnets, they're pretty small but strong. One issues I had to take note of was making sure the magnets wouldn't case the base to be elevated, this means they had to fit within the confines of the base so the miniature wouldn't be tipsy thanks to the extra height of the magnet. 

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the result and the cost. However, there were a few things I botched up along the way. Always always make sure your magnets are facing the same way. Thankfully most of mine are, but I do have one which is the reverse polarity of the others, which means there's one miniature which isn't interchangeable in position when I keep it. All the rest can be placed in any other magnet slot except for that one. Also, the TIE interceptor has really long wings, which proved to be a challenge when making it fit into the rows. That might prove to be an issue if you have too many TIE interceptors.