Wednesday, 22 May 2013

pCaine vs pGrissel

I've been playing a LOT of pCaine lately.


Tempest Blazers
Stormblades with UA and 2 gunners
Katherine Laddermore
Journeyman warcaster
Harlan Versh


Kriel warriors with UA and weapon attachments

Krielstone Bearers
Fellcaller Hero
Stonescribe Chronicler
Saxon Orrik
My games against Trolls always turn out to be long attrition fests, but I suspect that's how their faction works really. He goes first and we're playing scenario #1, Destruction. Which btw, is a really really messed up scenario. Also, this game probably has the record of most snake-eyes ever rolled by both me and my opponent.

Turn 1
-He pops his fury into the Krielstones and his units run up. Krielwarriors as usual run up the center flank with swift food and pGrissels extra movement fellcall. He keeps his warbeasts behind to use as a 2nd wave behind them. Long Riders attempt to flank on my right but it doesn't work so well when there's nothing flanking me on the left. 
+1 focus to Lancer and Arcane shield goes onto it as well. Then whoosh, the Lancer is off into the zone. I can't contest it now but I don't want him to totally jam me out of it later on with his warriors. I make a mistake here and put snipe onto the Stormlances but I forget they can't assault since there's a linear obstacle right in front of them and they don't have pathfinder when charging. Tempest Blazers move up and shoots from Krielwarriors with electroleap and then move back. Stormlances and Katherine end up having to run instead but they move to the right, ready to countercharge either the long riders or anyone else they need to. Ryan from the Black13 lays down some magestorming, blocking lanes. Then the stormblades assault. I really should have put snipe on them because they would actually be in range for their assault to hit if I did so, but I didn't so only the gunners hit. 

Turn 2
-Time for some retaliation. Krielstone bearers move up and pop feat. Grissel gives the warriors extra attacks that turn. Chronicler gives them mist and they charge/run up. They kill some of my stormblades and the cabal guy slams my Lancer away after a few warriors whiff at him. This leaves them out in the open and very exposed. His longriders charge my frontmost units, consisting of the Stormlances and Katherine. He manages to kill 1 stormlancer and is out of range for the other one and misses Katherine. His warbeasts move up but their own charge lane is blocked by the kriel warriors so all he can do is make some ranged attacks with those who have them. 
+Well, let the killing begin. Due to his badluck of killing everything he charged and then slamming lancer out of melee range of most of his units, his kriel warriors are now out in the open. Along with his krielstone bearers who are mostly bunched up together. I get an extra focus from the Squire. Squire runs up front. Ryan walks up and magestorms that tempting bunch of Krielstone bearers and hits. They die and her fellow Black13 follow up by shooting the others. pCaine drops snipe, casts dead eye on the stormblades, casts snipe on himself, walks up and then feats. Thanks to Squire, my control area is now 14" and thanks to snipe, I can shoot within that 14". A lot of krielwarriors die. I teleport backwards. Stormblades assault the surviving krielwarriors as well as the stormtroll. However, thanks to it being immune to electricity, only those who make it into charge distance really do any damage to it. Tempest Blazers ping away at the pyre troll with brutal shots and the Stormlances activate to kill some Longriders, freeing Katherine from being engaged. She then goes after the objective but doesn't kill it. 

Turn 3
-His units prepare to retaliate. PGrissel feats and moves back behind cover. LongRiders orders charge but my opponent gets too reckless. One fails charge and the other takes a freestrike moving past a Stormlance, which kills him. The last kills Katherine though. They use the extra movement to advance away from my Stormlances and towards the center. The stormtroll easily kills the stormblades engaged with it, and the pyretroll follows up with some ranged attacks. The bouncer wades into the zone and proceeds to smash even more stormblades. Saxon Orrik tries to kill Ryan but fails to hit. 
+ I give 3 focus to the Lancer. Deadeye goes onto the stormblades again. Ryan magestorms the krielstone bearers again but he just keeps making his tough rolls. The black13 with true sight tries to kill Saxon Orrik but he only deals 2 damage in total. With brutal damage to boot. Stormlances assault the remaining Longriders and only 1 is left at the end of the charge. The funny part is that because of the proximity of the long riders to the pyretroll, I kept electroleaping to it, and it's armor is only 16 so I was actually doing some damage to it. Lancer charges the Stormtroll and kills it. Stormblades assault the bouncer and pyretroll, finish off the pyre troll but can not kill the bouncer. Meanwhile, tempest blazers brutal shot the objective but it's slow-going.

Turn 4
-pGrissel sings Cacophony. No more orders -_- This puts an end to my assault shenanigans. Especially since they're so close to Grissel. Mist goes onto Grissel. The bouncer severely damages my lancer to the point it no longer has a cortex. Saxon Orrik finally kills Ryan. The longrider would like to get to my Lancer but it's blocked by the bouncer. It decides to charge into lances instead. Impact+charge kills two of them. 
+My stormblades finish off the bouncer. I can't charge but I still do pow 15 with them. Tempest Blazers end up killing the last longrider. Stormlances try to hit Grissel and the krielstone bearers with their ranged attacks but fail to. Both black13 fail to hit Saxon Orik -_- pEiryss shoots the objective on the left side of the map. At this point, I've actually pretty much won since my opponent has no warbeasts left and can't really gain anymore fury. However, we play on. 

Turn 5
-pGrissel sings Cacophony again and then moves up so that she's engaged with my troops. She kills off my stormlances. And then slowly waits for the inevitable
+Objective finally dies to some shooting from the Tempest Blazers. I walk very slowly towards her thanks to not being able to run/charge. 
Turn 6
-She kills off the Lancer and sings Cacophony again. 
+Deadeye finally goes onto the Tempest blazers who then brutal shot her to death. 
Thoughts on game
Well, this was a grindfest. Cacophony basically stopped me in my tracks since I was so close to Grissel. Was talking to my opponent after the game and I suggested he probably shouldn't run his kriel warriors out in the open. With swift food and pGrissels fellcall, he could jam them into my face so that I can't use Caine's feat to wipe them out that easily due to the -4 penalty to shooting into melee. But of course, this then runs into the trouble of me assaulting his troops, which ignores the in melee combat penalty. Also mentioned he lacks any real range troops but I suppose when your units can run 12 and then move another 5" in one turn, you pretty much can engage the guy on your own terms.