Thursday, 9 May 2013

pCaine vs Borka

Borka has windwall and Iron Flesh. This probably won't be good.


Katherine Laddermore
Stormblades with UA and 2 gunners
Tempest Blazers
Journeyman Warcaster
Harlan Versh
Black 13

-Diretroll Mauler
-Earthborn Dire Troll

Kriel Warriors with UA and Caber throwers
Krielstone Bearers with UA
Stonescribe Chronicler
Long Riders
FellCaller Hero

So I upped my pCaine list to 50 points and took the Storm Lances. A lot of people seem to have a pretty low opinion of them, but I like cavalry and they have assault and electroleap, so I decided to give them a try. But of course that meant taking Katherine because she buffs them as well with +2 pow which is important. 

We end up playing SR Scenario #9 and he goes first.
Turn 1
-His longriders run down the right flank. His Krielwarriors sing swift foot and run down the center. Borka moves up and casts Iron Flesh on them and pops the rest into the Krielstones. They then run up and pop their aura as well. The diretrolls go up the left flank, towards the zone.
+Hmm, I don't want to go too forward because I'll end up being in charge range of his own units. Plus there's no real incentive to move up that quickly since there's no scoring done this turn and most of my units are cavalry which means speed 8 at least. The only really slow units are the stormblades, which I'll probably run anyway. Snipe goes onto Harlan Versh and Deadeye goes onto the stormlances. I stay where I am with pCaine. Harlan Versh walks up the center and with 14" range, purgation and blessed, he makes short work of 3 Kriel bearers. Would have killed 4 but one made his tough roll. Black 13 follow up right behind him and Ryan magestorms to try and block chargelanes. Stormlances move up the right flank but discover they're too far away to hit. Storblades run towards the zone. Tempest Blazers move into the forest to try and flank. I'm setting up my armys positions so that I can react to his. Arcane shield goes onto the Blazers and Journeyman walks over to Caine. Eiryss moves into the forest on the right. 

Turn 2
-He drops IF for the extra speed. But this results in him running his troops even further forward. Now the Kriel warriors are really close to me. Mauler and Earthborn move to secure the zone. Fellcaller hero gives pathfinder to the Long Riders and they ride in, engaging Katherine. However, this also leaves him fairly upfront. Krielstones pop the aura again and huddle behind but in a huge clump. Borka stays behind the wall that's actually part of the terrain and not summoned by Janissa. He's out of the zone but he's playing it safe at the moment. He casts IF again on the warriors. Tales of mist from the Chronicler goes onto the Kriel Warriors again.
+The moment has come. Extra focus from the Squire. I drop the upkeep for Snipe but upkeep Arcane Shield. Dead eye goes onto the Lances and Black 13. pCaine moves up, feats and kills some Kriel Warriors. Then I teleport backwards. Katherine charges the nearest Long Rider, managing to find 3" of movement; gotta love it when both parties have reach. Kills it but it makes its tough. Which means pEiryss is free to walk away. Stormlances activate and assault the other Long Riders. I dismount Horthol as well as outright kill 2/3 of the Long Riders with assault + charge. Harlan Versh walks up and lays down the upkeep hate on the Kriel Warriors, killing 3 again. Then Ryan walks up and magestorms a huge clump of Kriel Warriors and Krielstone bearers. The rest of the Black 13 follow suit with their attacks. Stormblades assault the Mauler and run into the zone where they can to contest as well. Tempest Blazers run up the left flank now that his units are engaged. I leave 1 tempest blazer next to the Earthborn to block it. pEiryss moves up and snipes more Kriel warriors. He fails the panic test for them and they have to flee next turn. This was a productive round for me. I manage to slaughter most of his kriel warriors, his long riders and 1/2 his krielstone bearers.

Turn 3
-He drops IF again. There's really no point in upkeeping it at this point because he only has 2 kriel warriors left out of 15. Borka moves up beyond the wall, throws a bomb at the Stormblades, casts IF on the Krielstone bearers and feats. Janissa summons a wall to cover him. Kriel warriors flee 0" and pass their rally test. Stonebearers move up. His Mauler charges Harlan Versh because apparently Harlan is THAT annoying. Didn't help that everytime Borka cast a spell within 10" of Harlan, I kept shooting him. Although it's near impossible to crac armor 19 on pow 10 shots without purgation. Harlan dies but there's also nothing else nearby to kill so that's a waste. Earthborn kills the Tempest Blazers in combat with him. THe last longrider charges the stormlance next to Horthol and kills it. Horthol tries to charge the next storm lance but misses on double 1s. Fellcaller hero charges the storm lance near Eiryss but fails to kill it as well.
+1 focus to the charger. 1 focus from Squire. Dead eye goes onto the black 13 and the stormlances and the stormblades. The black 13 move up and Ryan magestorms the krielstone bearers again. He's been pretty useful in clearing them out. Followed by more shooting from the other members. I manage to clear out the Hero next to my Stormlances with Katherine Laddermore and they're now unengaged. Tempest Blazers snake up behind the Krielstone bearers and start using electroleaps on them. Blessed might have worked better in this case but it didn't occur to me. Anyway, I miss one, hit with another one and it makes its tough roll but it's KD. At which point I bounce my electroshots off it. eEiryss movesup and snipes some more kriel bearers. The stormlances assault the Mauler, dealing severe damage to it but not killing it. I follow up with a charge from the Lancer but still can't kill it.Finally, the stormblades split up in 1/2 and 3 of them charge the Mauler and the rest assault the Earthborn. I kill the mauler but deal like 5 damage to the Earthborn only. It's armor with elemental communion is hard to crack, especially since some krielstone bearers are still alive. 

Turn 4
-Due to all the fury he reaved from the Mauler when it died, his Earthborn ends up having to take a frenzy check, which it passes. It snacks on the stormblades near it and then casts elemental communion on Borka. Borka gets a topup from the keg bearer and then Borka charges and kills my Lancer, but ends up spending all his fury to do so. Mostly because the Earthborn was already full on fury and he couldn't have transferred even if he wanted to.
+Storm Lances get dead eye, stormblades get dead eye. Stormblades assault him. I make sure to run and surround him with some because I don't want stumbling drunk to trigger. I miss with the storm gunner which is a pity because then I would have hit with all of them and pow 14 is nothing to laugh at when you're armor 19. I do hit with some stormblades though but far less than I would have liked. Katherine finishes the game however by charging and assaulting Borka, impacting the last Kriel warrior in her way, killing it and not having it pass its tough roll. 

Thoughts on game
So far, I'm liking the Stormlances even if I have to drop a stormgunner to put them AND Katherine Laddermore in the list. At rat 7 with deadeye, they rarely miss. Even without deadeye, they would probably hit def 12-13 normally. And then there's the electroleap and assault, which really helps clear out the infantry swarms. They'll probably be a staple of my 50 pt pCaine list, which is strange cause now that's two cavalry intensive lists I run; Vlad3 being the other.