Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is probably the 2nd most fucked up love story I've ever heard of. With the first being Twilight of course.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Warm Bodies. Sorta. It's sort of like that guy who's a nice enough guy deep inside but who still really annoys you every now and then, so while you like him, you also really don't want to spend time with him. Warm Bodies is like that.

First, I like all the allegory in Warm Bodies. Zombies are merely humans who can't feel, who suffer from the ennui of human existence and who only really feel alive by 'living' vicariously through other people; usually by eating their brains. Which might explain the prevalence of reality TV shows... The 'human' humans are what most people would consider the good guys in the show, the people who can live, who can experience new emotions and do new things. The bonies are basically the baddies, the ones who; like the Joker, just want to see the world burn. It's only if the good and ambivalent combine forces that evil can be defeated. Which would have been enough of a metaphor/plot for any show. But instead, warm bodies throws in romance as well. Between a zombie and a human because hey, Twilight taught us that the undead aren't repulsive, they're absolutely irresistible to human females. 

So the film is kinda 'busy' in the messages it sends viewers. There's all the imagery about the human condition, and then there's the cheesy romance. It's really like 'Pick one and go with it'. IMO, the cheesy romance kinda dragged the whole show down. I know you're not supposed to think about it, but this relationship may be even more messed up than Bella and Edward's was. For one thing, at least Edward didn't KILL Bella's current boyfriend, eat his brain and then try to hook up with Bella. Yeah...that's just creepy. And the female knows it and still ends up hooking up with the male zombie in the end. Ugh.

Not that I have anything against the whole 'beauty is on the inside' schtick, I mean I liked Beauty and the Beast well enough, but I'm going to draw the line at falling in love in the span of a week, with the zombie that ate your boyfriends brains. Yeah, that's where my suspension of disbelief fails.

Just to summarise, I sorta liked the film. Just couldn't get over the whole zombiebraineatingromance thing. But hey, it's good to see Nicholas Hoult finally starring in a role that can make full use of his acting talent, which is to say none. But that helped him portray a very convincing, lifeless, emotionless zombie. Several times, you can almost imagine it's really a corpse on screen. The only actor that could have been better would be Nicholas Cage -_- Maybe it's something to do with actors called Nicholas not being able to emote. 

Before ending, just a few points that made me go WTF

  1. I have no idea if it was intentional but the last Hoult film I watched; Jack the Giant Slayer, also had him in a hoodie. Is this now his 'preferred' gear for acting? Like how shirt, jeans and denim jacket is Tom Cruises?
  2. Zombies. Considering how many times they're shot/stabbed etc, I'm not really sure how it's possible for them to come back to life. At all. Their organs, if they were to regain any sort of normal human function, would basically crap out and they would die. That's not even mentioning the fact that congealed blood doesn't suddenly START flowing again
  3. Why on earth are all these vehicles that haven't been started for 8+ years still working perfectly? You'd think their batteries would have died by now. Also no airbags deployed when the BMW hit that car. 
  4. Seriously, why is Marcus not the star of the show? At least he's awesome. 
  5. I'm surprised the defacto weapon for the human survivors isn't a shotgun. Expecting someone to be able to shoot a zombie running towards them with a headshot is kinda fucked up. At least a spray weapon would ensure that most zombies would be mulch and you might even; accidentally, hit the head.