Tuesday, 30 July 2013

55point X-Wing Tournament 28th Jul

Yet another 55 point tournament. Personally, I'm hoping we upgrade to 100 points next.

As usual, stealth device and Han Solo were banned from the list of things that could be taken for the tournament. This time, I decided to try something different. Instead of Wedge and Biggs, I would take Kath Scarlet and Backstabber. My hope was to use the Firesprays auxilliary firing arc to shoot without having to perform u-turns all the time. 

This time slightly more people turned up and we ended up having 4 rounds of games. One thing I noted was that there were a lot more TIE fight spam lists this time around. 
First round I was matched against an opponent who played 3 TIE fighters and 1 TIE interceptor. This turned out pretty badly for me when the firespray couldn't damage a TIE fighter to save its life and backstabber ended up dying without managing to do anything. 
The 2nd round wasn't much better. It was another TIE fighter spam, this time with howlrunner and 3 academy pilots. Again, backstabber died without doing much and the Firespray found itself hard-pressed to deal with the TIE fighters by itself. I ended up flying off the board by miscalculating the turning angle I would need. Basically I had backed myself into a corner while taking potshots at the TIE fighters and I realised the firespray didn't have a 1 right-turn maneuver.
Third game was against the Rebel scum. This time with a X-wing with shield upgrades and r2d2 and a y-wing with the ion cannon. I made a mistake of going after the x-wing when I really should have gone after the y-wing, which took advantage by ioning my TIE fighter and firespray. Meanwhile, I still had difficulty dealing with a X-wing who kept regenerating shields due to some really bad die rolls. In the end, backstabber died followed by the firespray. 
Final game was against a TIE interceptor with a TIE fighter. I managed to take out the TIE fighter early with a lucky shot while the TIE interceptor flew off course due to countless use of push the limit along with a LOT of green maneuvers. From then, it was pretty much just biding my time until the firespray and TIE fighter could finally take down the interceptors. 

Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable experience but I'm hoping the next tournament would be 100 points. There was some really good piloting from the TIE swarm pilots and they're pretty deadly at 55 points. The sheer amount of firepower just gets through eventually.