Tuesday, 9 July 2013

pIrusk vs pSeverius

Running 3 units of infantry can be pretty tough


Boomhowlers with Valachev
Kayazy with UA
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe


Exempler Errants with UA
Vassal of Menoth
Knight Exemplar Errant Seneschal 

So it's a lot of infantry vs a few amount of warjacks. We end up playing Scenario 6; Chemical reaction and I end up going first. No killbox on this cenario so Sevvy will probably be playing it pretty close to the back line, only coming in when he wants to feat. 

Turn 1 
-Kayazy run up the right flank while Winterguard advance up the center. Boomhowlers howl 4+ tough and run up the left, towards my own zone. Again, I'm going to be using them to contest my own zone. Irusk casts superiority on Torch and then walks up and casts IF on the Winterguard. Kovnik Joe walks up and gives the WG tough. Torch runs up the center, towards my own objective. 
+Exemplar errants run up the left, into the forest. With pathfinder on them, they won't have an issue navigating it at all. The jacks run up the center, clustering around their own objective. pSevvy casts his usual spells, defenders ward on the Errants and Eye of Menoth. 

Turn 2
-We're still pretty far from each other. I drop IF on the Winterguard since this will be my feat turn and I want them to be able to move up at full speed. I upkeep superiority and give another focus to Torch. Kayazy run up at full speed but I make sure to keep a guy behind just so they can benefit from my feat/spells later on. Winterguard run up into their zone as well. No bobbing, no weaving. Just pure reliance on my feat. Boomhowlers run into my zone on the left. pIrusk activates and feats, catching all models/units in his control area. He then calmly walks into the forest behind his objective. I make sure to stay more than 2" away from the objective though as I don't want the Vanquisher to shoot it and THEN set me on fire. Torch runs up to the objective. 
-He proceeds to try and slaughter my troops. The errants go into the boomhowlers, killing some of them then quickworking into the winterguard who didn't bob and weave and didn't IF this turn. The vanquisher shoots and hits some winterguard but most pass their tough rolls. The reckoner shoots and misses. Vassal ancillaries the Vanquisher who misses his 2nd shot. No points are scored for anyone since all zones are contested and all objectives are alive. 

Turn 3
-My turn to bring on the hurting. I upkeep superiority. Allocate 1 focus to Torch. Kovnik Joe gives the winterguard tough and fearless. They walks up and put some CRAs into the reckoner and vanquisher. pIrusk charges out into a winterguard and casts Battlelust on the out of formation Kayazy. I then cast  IF on the winterguard. The winterguard I charged does not make it sadly. Still, it was a sacrifice for the motherland. The Kayazy feat and charge the vanquisher and reckoner. I can only get about 2 into the Vanquisher but everything else hits the Reckoner. With battle-lusted charging POW12s, the reckoner goes down. The Vanquisher stays alive but is severely damaged. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and charge the Errants. I CMA where I can to ensure I do end up hitting them. Torch charges the revenger but doesn't manage to kill it surprisingly. 
+ He upkeeps both spells. Errants grind away at my boomhowlers in my zone. This is a battle none of us will be winning anytime soon. He casts ashes to ashes on a choir for the easy chance to hit, and hits several of my Kayazy. This hurts a lot. His vanquisher is now free and proceeds to shoot my Winterguard to death with his templates. Probably would have tried for Irusk if it didn't mean he would have to walk into melee range of my winterguard. Vassal gives enliven to the Revenger.

Turn 4
-I give 3 focus to Torch and upkeep both spells. I attempt to shoot the Revenger with the WG CRA and hit but it enlivens and blocks Torch's charge lane to the Vanquisher, which I really want dead due to its AOEs. I think about it for a while and see a possible vector to kill Sevvy, who's hiding in a forest. I can't see him but I CAN see the choir he put in front of Sevvy. Torch charges the choir, angles himself do that his spray can catch Sevvy. Boost to hit on Sevvy and boost to damage. Sevvy's now on fire and badly injured. Kayazy kill the Vanquisher off, leaving the revenger alone on the table. The boomhowlers are too close to charge anymore so they resort to CMAs to kill the exemplars. Joe gives the winterguard fearless and tough again and then runs into the zone. 1 point scored. 
+Severius does not die to fire sadly. I thought this would be that one shining moment where I could kill a Menoth caster with fire. He upkeeps both spells. Revenger pokes a few wintergurd. 1 errant runs all the way back to tie Torch up; not that it would have mattered because Torch was out of my control area. Severius then walks away from Torch  and casts ashes to ashes on the Kayazy. However, some bad rolls leave the Kayazy underboss alive, along with one random Kayazy. 

Turn 5
-Torch can't do anything but Severius is already hurting badly. I upkeep superiority and IF. The Winterguard have too few members left. The remaining 2 Kayazy charge into Severius and finish him. 
Thoughts on game
Boomhowlers worked out better for me than Greylords. It helps having a constant 4+ tough unit stick around. Also, battlelusted Kayazy are scary as always but I still have lots of issues with being ashes to ashes-ed to death with infantry spams. Really should get rid of the arcnode first to make sure Severius has to come up to cast the spell himself but the Vanquisher is a pretty big threat too.