Wednesday, 31 July 2013

eCaine vs Old Witch

Will Taryn come into play or will the Old Witch find some way to kill her before that? Also, this is my first time playing the dreaded deathclock.


Stormblade Captain
Journeyman warcaster
GunMages with UA

Old Witch

Nyss Hunters
Kayazy with UA
Aiyana and Holt

So new list here at 50 points. I've really made a few mistakes building this list, the number one being that I FORGOT to include a squire. Ugh. At least Reinholdt is in. But this was really more of an impromptu list I came up with when my meta decided to shift towards 50 points deathclock matches. I end up going first and the scenario is #6, chemical reaction.

Turn 1
-1 focus to hunter. Arcane shield goes onto the stormguard. Rangers run up into the forest in my opponents zone; on the right side of the table. ATGM run up behind them. Stormguard run up the enter of the table. Stormclad runs up behind them while one stays near the stormclad. Stormclad activates, gains a focus from the stormblades and runs up towards my zone. I make a mistake here of going in too heavily into my zone. I really should have spaced more out to his side of the table. The Captain follows behind. Hunter moves into the forest in my zone. Caine casts blur on the Stormblades and true sight on himself and moves up to my zone. I'm planning to dominate it for a constant stream of 1 points. Black13 run up the left flank, around my zone. 
+1 focus to Spriggan, 1 focus to Behemoth. Spriggan runs up the left flank, towards my zone. Kayazy follow along. Those are going to be trying to contest my zone, and if possible control it. Behemoth tramples up and takes a few pot shots at the rangers, kills one. Nyss follow up behind Behemoth towards his own zone. Scrapjack goes up towards his own zone as well. Old Witch walks up and casts IF on the Kayazy. 

Turn 2
-1 focus to the hunter. I upkeep true sight, but drop blur. I upkeep arcane shield. My stormguard run up towards my zone, spacing out as they do so. The black 13 move forward and the captain drops his mage sight onto the Kayazy but I miss and it deviates completely off course. As does mage storm. Caine walks into th forest so that he can see 3" out of it and kills a few kayazy before teleporting back to the other edge of the forest, while clipping it so that he gains concealment. My stormblades space out a bit further at the back so that only one of them can be hit by random blast damage. Stormclad gains 1 focus from them and runs up. Again, I make the mistake of overconcentrating on my own zone and not having anything contesting his zone other than my squishy units. Rangers shoot some Nyss but it's pretty hard to hit them. ATGM stand still and snipe them as well and hits a few of them. Taryn stays near the back. The hunter misses Behemoth due to being out of range.
+He doesn't take the chance to try and assassinate me with Spriggan's blast damage. Amazingly enough. He drops IronFlesh and gives Behemoth 2 focus and Spriggan 1 focus. . The nyss kill off my rangers in the zone and he ends up dominating it. Behemoth takes more pot shots at the ATGM and Taryn but miss due to Taryn being out of range. Spriggan runs forward to near my zone, while making sure to stay behind the wall. He doesn't completely go into the zone as he's fairly confident his Kayazy can contest it for the moment. eEiryss snipes the AS off my stormguard. Kayazy run up into my zone and the front few jam my Stormguard. Old witch moves up into her own zone and feats and then casts IF on the Nyss. He gains 1 point for dominating his own zone. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep true sight and give 1 focus to the hunter. I would recast Arcane Shield on the stormguard again but the journeyman warcaster is pretty far back. Instead I CMA the kayazy near me and kill most of them. The hunter stands stills and shoots the Spriggan and I boost the damage, dealing 3 points of damage to it. The Black13 shoot some more Kayazy but don't kill enough of them. So it's up to Caine to do it again. I charge my own Hunter, dealing 4 damage to it and then shoot up a few Kayazy before teleporting back again. Taryn shoots Scrapjack but forgets it has prowl and misses. The ATGM forfeit movement to gain aiming bonuses, due to being in the Old Witchs feat and thunderstrike scrapjack backwards and take out a few more Nyss hunters. My stormclad gets a focus from the stormblades and runs all the way to the other zone to try and contest but I'm still short by 4-5". My stormblades follow along but make sure to keep out of her feat while staying with 5"
+Old witch allocates 2 to scrapjack and casts Avatar of Slaughter on it. She upkeeps IF and allocates focus to Spriggan and Behemoth. Scrapjack walks forward and proceeds to decimate my enter Stormguard unit. He literally just kills all 9 of them with Avatar of Slaughter. Aiyana curses the objective and HOlt shoots it, damaging it. Behemoth moves backwards and shoots the objective and kills it. Spriggan goes into my zone to contest since he has almost no Kayazy left. The remaining Kayazy run up to my zone once again. Old witch moves into the forest and teleports scrapjack to her while screening herself with Behemoth. However, she makes a fatal mistake. She's still within 3" of the forest edge... She dominates for another 1 point and gets another 1 point for the objective. That's 4/5 points in total. 

Turn 4
-No focus to anyone. I upkeep True Sight. Taryn, who's survived until now, moves up and shoots Behemoth. Suddenly, there's nothing blocking LOS to Old Witch anymore. Just to check, I confirm LOS with my hunter, checking that she's within 3" of the forest edge. I move my hunter up, walking around the Kayazy who was sent to jam him. I FORGET to get an extra shot from Reinholdt. Caine charges the hunter, deals another 6 damage then starts shooting Old Witch. I just BARELY managed to kill her since I missed one shot. However, this still counts a victory. Barely.

Thoughts on game
Remembering to get an extra shot from Reinholdt and having a squire along would have been so much more helpful. Taryn did survive to do her job, but frankly, I'm surprised she managed to live till then. 

Again, I need to stop concentrating jacks all in one place. I guess the real issue is Caines control area isn't that big and he doesn't really like to stand in the middle of things, preferring to hide behind walls/forests which may not be in the center. Another possibility is that I could marshal the Stormclad to the stormblade captain, who's also a jack marshal and the stormblades would give it an extra focus anyway. 

Probably going to have to rework this list a bit, like dropping the Black13 and adding a squire and another solo.