Thursday, 18 July 2013

Siege vs eSorscha

New caster, familiar opponent.


Arcane Gun Mages with UA
Black 13


Kayazy Assassins with UA
Winterguard with UA and weapon attachments
Kovnik Joe
Saxon Orrik

So I'm trying out Siege cause someone said I should. To be fair, I have no idea how to use him which may account for the strange list. But I'm also taking a defender with the gun mages because I've got to love range 20 guns. I deploy 2nd and I really should have deployed so that my mages were facing off against the Kayazy, which are stealthed. But then again, the winterguard would make short work of my Stormguard anyway since at def 12, they'll hit on average. Plus without a Stormblade Captain nearby, that piece of forest on the right is a bit daunting for my stormguard so maybe I did deploy the right way. Maybe. We play scenario 12. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Devastator. It runs up the center. Sorscha moves up and casts IF on the Winterguard and then cyclones away to behind the Devastator. The WG  bob and weave their way upwards. Personally, I would have run them up myself but he's taking it cautious. Saxon gives the Kayazy pathfinder. They run up through the forest and up the left flank. The widowmakers advance up to behind a wall. Joe gives the WG tough and fearless
+1 focus to charger. The defender moves up and takes a pot shot at a widowmaker. They're my biggest threat right now. I boost the to hit roll with a snipe and hit. It dies. Charge runs up. Journeyman casts arcane shield on Siege. Siege moves up and casts foxhole on the hill near the stormguard. He then proceeds to lay down a ground pounder on the widowmakers/WG area. Boost to hit with the rest of my focus and a few of them go down. Ground pounder is insanely awesome. I'm dry on focus but I don't think he's going to assassinate me just yet. Might ping me with the Widowmakers though. Stormguard run into the foxhole. This puts them at a respectable def 18 against shooting, on hill + cover. I just don't want them to get freezing gripped by Sorscha because that would pretty much just mean they're dead. The Black 13 move up into the foxhole as well, except Watts who stays out cause he can't fit in anyway. He attempts to snipe someone but misses. I fire a magestorm but it deviates as well. 

Turn 2
-1 focus to Devastator again. He upkeeps IF for free thanks to Sylyss. His winterguard bob and weave upwards again. The rocketeers try to shoot down some gunmages but fail. The Kayazy run all the way forward to block charge lanes as well as jam my units. The widowmakers kill off the lone gun mage out of the foxhole. Devastator runs again. Sorscha advances further into the forest on the left side of her table edge.
+I take a focus from squire. 1 focus onto the charger. My black13 use black penny to get rid of the Kayazy blocking my lanes while Ryan uses mage storm to try and deviate onto some Kayazy. I manage to get rid of the jamming kayazy, which is good. Defender hits and pulps a widowmaker after standing still. I don't want to bother shooting the devastator cause it's still closed. Charger moves up and shoots another widowmaker to death. Then I see an opportunity with Siege. Siege moves up to behind the Charge and so that he's within range of the Devastator and I forcehammer it away. I'm still more than 3" away from most of the WG unless they were all to walk left and move more than 7", they probably couldn't see me. Plus a charger is in the way, which blocks LOS to me but not the devastator cause it's a large base. The devastator flies all the way back, setting back his momentum and knocking down a WG who makes its tough roll. Stormguard proceed to walk up and CMA the Kayazy. Surprisingly, I manage to hit with most of them. 

Turn 3
-2 focus to devastator to make it stand up for it to run later. She upkeeps IF. Joe gives the WG boosted attk rolls. The winterguard walk up and spray the ATGM. Also realised after the game that sprays can only go 3" into forests. Kills a few of them but I pass my leadership check. Several of the WG shoot the charger. Kayazy charge the Black13 but only 2 are able to make it into contact. Surprisingly, both miss their charge attacks. My black13 are now still alive. Sorscha camps in the forest. Devastator runs up and engages 2 stormguard. The widowmakers score a point by controlling the flag. 
+My turn to retaliate. I give 3 focus to the charger. Stormguard walk away from the devastator and he decides to open up to kill them. BIG mistake here. He kills both but it's a worthwhile price. I just didn't want them to be next to him and get frozen, which would then lead to a freezing grip on my stormguard next turn. They CMA into the kayazy and kill all of them surprisingly enough. Helps that I have a back arc bonus since they charged past me into the black 13. This frees up my black 13 to do more stuff. Siege feats and ground pounders some WG to death. Defender stands still and shoots the Devastator with critical brutal. I crit but only roll 8 on the damage roll, which was horrible.  The charger moves so he's within 4" of the flag and ends up having to finish off the Devastator. Black 13 move up and shoot more WG. ATGM kill more WG and widowmakers but miss more than often as well due to def 17 on the WG.  Now they can not control the flag but Joe is still there. 

Turn 4
-Normally, I'd expect an assassination run about now since Siege is out in the open. Granted, I'm also camping on 20 armor but that's probably peanuts when I'm talking about Sorscha. One good damage roll and I'm dead. Instead, she decides to do the risky stuff. First, the WG kill off my charger. Then Joe runs up to control the flag. Saxon gives Sorscha pathfinder. She casts boundless charge for 2" movement. She cyclones out of the forest, charges the objective but fails charge due wanting to be base to base with flag. Uh-oh. 
+My charger is wrecked so no focus allocation. Defender stands still and shoots her. I boost to hit with critical brutal and crit. Roll 3d6 and get 8. Meh. Siege moves up and shoots her and I boost to hit and damage. Stormguard go in and CMA her, she dies. 

Thoughts on game
Siege is interesting but I keep getting the feeling that there was something wrong with the way I played him. Possibly the list though as I'm not used to having so little infantry or even two jacks in general. Especially since only one unit will contest; the stormguard while the other unit prefers to sit back and shoot. That makes it a lot harder for me to contest zones, as demonstrated in this. I almost lost due to scenario. I like the charger but it also sucks up a lot of my focus. Having the defender on the ATGM is pretty good as well yet requires me to play him pretty far back since the ATGM like to hang back as well.