Monday, 15 July 2013

Dark Sword Miniatures

Just got my order in recently from Dark Sword Miniatures and I've got to say that they've ended up being much nicer looking than I expected. 

Now, I didn't know anything about Dark Sword Miniatures until I saw their kickstarter but apparently they've been in business for quite a few years. 11 years to be exact. And it tells from the catalog on their website. They have quite a glut of figurines on their website, ranging from works inspired by Larry Elmore to a Game of Thrones series. 

Anyway, I wasn't too interested in their kickstarter. Too large of a dragon, too expensive to ship over to my country and basically not to my tastes. Plus I've got a lot of dragons coming in when I FINALLY receive my Bones Kickstarter rewards.

Anyway, I ordered a few that caught my eye. One of which was this. Soon enough, I received it. The packaging was fairly standard, each miniature was in their own blister.

They were also simple enough to put together. This; the figurine of the warrior with his hand on his sword was simply 2 parts. While the thief was 6 parts; separate wings, separate arms, the body and her cloak/stand. All in all, fairly easy to put together. The only real issue I had was that some of the parts are really thing and I ended up bending some of them accidentally. Which were then a pain to bend back in the correct posture. It just seems strange the sword is already attached to the hand for the warrior. But other than that, it's got wonderful detail.

So I've assembled it and did a light wash on it just to bring out the details. It's not bad. 

Same for the angel. I really like the pose on this one. Although another issue I had with this kit were that the wings start out straight so you end up having to bend them to make them look natural; or anything like the studio photo really, but it's hard to bend them naturally as well and I was worried about snapping them accidentally. So yeah, that's something they can consider I guess. 

Overall, fairly satisfied with the miniatures. Great detail and would recommend this to anyone who needs D&D miniatures, or even miniatures to proxy for in a wargame.