Tuesday, 16 July 2013

pIrusk vs pSorscha

Hopefully, this gets someone off my back


Greylord Outriders
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Kayazy Assassins with UA


Greylord Ternions
Great Bears
Winterguard with UA and weapon attachments
Kovnik Joe
Saxon Orrik

So this is a fairly interesting list to play against. I obviously didn't have an idea of what was going to happen because very few people or actually, no one plays pSorscha within the local meta. It's almost always eSorscha. He ends up going first and we play Scenario 5. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Spriggan. It runs up the center, towards the center flag. Great Bears run up the center, sticking in between the center and left flags. Widowmakers advance towards the left flag. Winterguard run up towards the right flag. Sorscha casts fog of war, moves up and then moves up even further with cyclone. Greylords move up the center. 
+I give one focus to Torch. Kayazy run up the center. Greylords run up the right and winterguard go towards the left. Superiority goes onto Torch and I feat and charge the Spriggan. It's too far obviously but I get another 3" movement thanks to that. Torch runs up. Wardog follows behind. Little did I see the trap that was coming. Flag on the right ends up disappearing. 

Turn 2
-So in hindsight, it should have been pretty obvious. Sylyss gives Sorscha arcane secrets and Reinholdt gives her an extra dice, drop lowest.  Sorscha moves up and feats, catching my Kayazy in it. Thanks to the forest, she can't see my winterguard. The greylord outriders are immune to her feat though. Never have I been so thankful for the fact that they're immunity cold as right now. Because then she cyclones away to the left and hits the Winterguard with freezing grip. With arcane secrets and the extra dice from reinholdt, I'm almost certainly dead. Especially since I didn't bob and weave them and ran them up. Nope, she misses. Somehow. Phew, that would have been 2 units gone for 2 turns if she had hit. The greylords make short work of the frozen Kayazy, as do the widowmakers, spriggan and winterguard. Even with 4+ tough mode on, I still end up losing quite a few to the barrage of attacks. His winterguard move up and join in the fun on the Kayazy. 
+So the Kayazy can't do anything at all this turn. I upkeep superiority, give 2 focus to Torch. Irusk casts IF on the winterguard and moves behind a forest. Torch tramples over the Kayazy, kills them but makes contact with the winterguard. Then I spray over and kill a few Greylords in response. Gotta love virtuoso and gunfighter. The outriders spray a few winterguard, and despite them having bob and weaved, I manage to hit a few of them. Sheer volume of attacks I guess. Joe gives the winterguard tough and fearless. And they walk up and CRA the widowmakers as well as Greylords into oblivion. Or most of them at least.

Turn 3
-He drops fog of war. Sorscha gets arcane secrets from Sylyss and then freezing grips my winterguard then moves up so she can dominate the left flag. Great bears end up charging the winterguard and backswinging a lot. Widowmakers take pot shots at them. I make a few tough rolls but I'm being mauled here. Spriggan doesn't have the reach to hit my jack so it just moves to contest the flag. Winterguard try to kill off the outriders but surprisingly, they miss a lot.  
+I give 3 focus to Torch. I upkeep superiority and drop IF. It's pointless on a unit that's been IFed. I battle lust the Kayazy who are finally alive again. They charge the greylords and the Spriggan. I don't kill the Spriggan because it's simply too far away for most of them to reach. But I do hit it with Torch who then proceeds to rip the Spriggan a new one. My greylords spray a lot of winterguard to death and then quickly proceed to try and contest the left flag. They do so but this probably means they're going to die next turn. However, I need to stop her. Also, I wanted to move Irusk to dominate my own flag but time ran out. 

Turn 4
-Great bears kill off the last winterguard. They also kill off the two outriders nearby. Sorscha sits there and gets another two points. 
+2 focus to Torch and I upkeep superiority. I charge Torch up so that he's within 4" of the left flag to contest it. He hits the great Bear and kills it. The wardog charges the widowmaker to try and clear it so I can score some points but I miss. Irusk then runs up so that he's at least base to base with the flag. 

Turn 5
-She's just 1 point away from winning. However, I don't think Sorscha can down a Khadoran warjack in just one round. She tries for the desperate long shot. To kill the outrider near the center flag so she can dominate it. I can't contest because Irusk is a caster and Torch is not within 4" of that flag. She casts boundless charge on herself, charges torch and then cyclones away before she does the hit, all the way to the outrider. She proceeds to boost the attack roll on it and...misses. Uses up her last focus to buy an attack and misses again. Now she's dry on focus and in front of an angry Irusk. She ends up conceding. 

Thoughts on game
A surprisingly nasty list. Although it would probably have a lot of very bad match-ups, this wasn't one of them. The same trick wouldn't work twice obviously, but being able to freezing grip an entire unit of models while having 2 additional dice, dropping the two lowest as well as being able to boost is pretty nice. Still nothing that eSorscha can't do though, except maybe for the feat. Which seems kind of situational.