Friday, 5 July 2013

pIrusk vs eHaley with Stormwall

eHaley how I hate you. Stormwall, how I like you (when I'm playing Cygnar that is...)


Koldun Lord
Winterguard with UA 
Kovnik Joe
Greylord Outriders
Kayazy Assassins with UA


Journeyman warcaster
Tempest Blazers
Black 13
Stormsmith caller
Stormsmith caller

Okay, I have 4+ tough on feat turn. He has stormwall... This may not turn out well for me. He wins deployment and goes first. The scenario is #10; Rally point.

Turn 1
-Stormwall runs up towards the left zone.  The rest of his army runs up towards the right zone. He dominates his own objective and sends it inwards towards his zone, which will prove to be a mistake later on. Journeyman casts arcane shield on Stormwall. One of the callers heads off to the left with the stormwall, while the other follows to the right with the rest of his army. 
+Everything runs up. Greylords go towards the right zone, along with the winterguards. Joe gives them fearless and tough and runs as well. Kayazy go to contest the left zone. Granted, I can't score it because it's MY zone and I would need to dominate it to score, but I want to prevent his stormwall from scoring later on. Torch gets a focus from Koldun Lord and runs up behind the winterguard, which is a mistake since it blocks me later on. Irusk charges Torch,feats, and casts superiority on Torch.  I also dominate the objective and send it so that it's within 2 inches of me.

Turn 2
-In response to my feat, he feats. Tempest Blazers try to shoot down the greylords and manage to kill 3 of them. Black 13 try to shoot down the winterguard but most of them make their tough rolls. Stormwall lays down lightning pods and tries to zap the Kayazy and shoot them as well, while laying down covering fire to block movement to him. I lose a decent chunk of my army this turn, but it could have been a lot worse. 
+I upkeep superiority. Winterguard activate first. They move up and shoot the objective since that's the only thing they can hit with unboosted rolls. Greylords chose to do an action and winters wind themselves so that enemies ending within 2" of them are stationary. They then light cav move upwards so that they're engaged with the Tempest blazers. Torch moves up as well. Kayazy spread out and surround the zone so that it's harder for the Stormwall to hit them all at one time. Irusk moves up and casts IF on the winterguard.

Turn 3
-Stormwall kills a few more Kayazies with lightning pods and shooting and lays down more covering fire. The tempest Blazers kill off my greylords, which was a waste of 9 points since they didn't get to do much. The black 13 shoot again but miss most of the Winterguard. eHaley casts deceleration and moves backwards. 
+I upkeep IF and superiority and give 3 focus to Torch. Joe gives the winterguard boosted attack rolls. They move up and kill off a few tempest blazers and damage the objective slightly. Torch charges and finishes off the objective. The few remaining kayazy kills off the pesky stormsmith caller that was following the Stormwall and some of them charge it to try and damage it. Not working very well on that front. I get 1 point from killing off the objective but since his tempest blazers are still in the zone, I get nothing from the zone. 

Turn 4
-His storm wall moves away towards the right zone. It's finally given up on taking my zone. Tempest Blazers shoot at the winterguard and kill some but miss most of the time. Black13 try to brutalise Torch but fails to damage its armor much. 
+I give 2 focus to Torch, and upkeep both spells. Torch charges up and kills the Black 13 but what I really want is to set eHaley on fire. eHaley is right there in my 6" spray and I boost to hit but fail to even with the boost. Damn deceleration. Joe gives the WG boosted attack rolls again and they kill off a tempest blazer who then fails his leadership check. Suddenly I'm controlling the zone. I activate Irusk, dominate the objective and sent it teleporting into his zone. Since it costs as a warcaster for the sake of dominating, I get 2 points this turn. I run further into the forest. 

Turn 5
-Turns out I forgot eHaley can give movement bonuses to jacks. I was thinking that I was safe within the forest since it blocks LOS and he probably can't walk over and hit me. But turns out he can. He gives 4 focus to Stormwall, casts temporal acceleration on it. It walks and hits me. Game over. 

Thoughts on game
I really should have run away instead of walking away. Or at least put IF on myself. Still, at least I managed to get 3 control points despite having everything be hit by eHaley's feat. I'm not sure pIrusk works well with the Greylords. They just sorta fizzled out this game, though that may be in part due to eHaley and her feat but they never really got to do anything. Will probably switch them out for Boomhowlers, which was a unit I could have used to protect my zone instead of the Kayazy. Roughly same cost but their 4+ tough ability would have been so much more helpful.