Tuesday, 2 July 2013

55pt X-wing Tournament at GR

220A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, Singapore 574352
Recently, there was a small 55 point tournament being held at one of the local stores. Due to the small point list,the TO decided to 'ban' several cards from being played at the tournament, which were Han Solo and Stealth device. There went most rebel lists out of the window.

So my list for the tournament would be simple. Wedge Antilles with R2 astromech and Biggs Darklighter for 55 points exactly. The plan was simple, Biggs would constantly draw fire while Wedge would shoot everyone to death. Which was pretty much how it worked. I was a bit rusty so I got in one practice game before that, or actually half a practice game because my friend was called away by his wife to go and buy Hello Kitty *insert whip sound*

I turned up at slightly before 1 pm on Sunday, which was the advertised time for the tournament on their facebook page as well as the facebook group for the local X-wing group. No one else was there. Here's a hint, if you're the TO, you might NOT want to be late for your own tournament. At the very least, you should have everything set up before the advertised time, regardless of whether players are late or not. Anyway, the starting time got pushed to 2pm. So, we milled around for an hour. 

At the end, fewer people showed up than expected. Especially those who said they were going to join but didn't. As a result, my first match was against my own friend. For some reason, this happens a lot. I always always end up fighting against my friends in tourneys when there are plenty of others to fight.

He was running Darth Vader with cluster missiles, shield upgrade and swarm tactics, and Dark Curse. His plan would be simple. To shoot one of the x-wings to death with cluster missiles. However, he fluffed horribly on his rolls. Biggs got shot down by Darth Vader while Wedge took down Dark Curse then the two of them faced off. However, in the end , Wedge Antilles prevailed after doing a 4 speed  kroigan turn that left him in the rear arc of DV and within range 1. 

Second game ended up being an near mirror match of my first. And we still ended up playing on the same table, which was a bit annoying since it was really bumpy at times and made the dice roll funny. He was running Darth Vader with Turr Phenir, that annoying guy that moves after he shoots. No upgrades so he was short by 1 point.  This ended up in a very tense stand off after Biggs died to Darth and Turr died to Wedge. We had several moments where he was within my firing arc but I was just out of his. He was down to 1 hp while I still had 2, but I ended up having to fly through asteroids 2 times. This was because if I didn't fly through them, he could still shoot me, but if I flew through them, I could shoot him. So I thought the risk was worth it. Luckily, I didn't take damage both times. 

It ended up with a tense stand off, with both of us at range 3 of each other after having performed a 4 speed U-turn and shooting at each other. Thankfully, he had already taken a crit that reduced his agility by 1 before that, which meant he rolled only 2 dice. Both of which he fluffed. And Wedge shoots Darth vader down again. 

My third game was against the eventual champion of the tournament. He was running a y-wing with Ion cannon and Luke Skywalker with R2D2. Biggs got taken out way too early with 4 hits from Luke skywalker, while Luke kept repairing himself with r2d2. Meanwhile, Wedge got hit 2x in a row with the ion cannon, which left him a sitting duck. I was down to 1 hp when I finally broke free of that cursed ion barrage. Once again, my only choice was to either fly through an asteroid and get them in my arc or fly to the side and still get shot by them. I flew through the asteroid. And killed myself...Ouch

Surprisingly, I didn't see anyone taking any of the large ships in the tournament. A yt-1300 would have been kind of pointless I feel at 55 points since it would have been unsupported and very easily shot down. But there weren't any firesprays either, which was surprising.  I was expecting someone to run at least some largeships which was why I didn't go for the Garven Dreis with Dutch Vander combo because y-wings struggle against large ships. However, there was a guy who was running a TIE fighter spam list, with 4 TIEs in it and another with an A-wing and 2 rookie pilots. Didn't get to fight either of them. 

In the end, I got 2nd place which wasn't too bad. It was a fun use of a Sunday afternoon and I would probably take part in the next tournament.