Thursday, 4 July 2013

Monsters University

So smart intellectual nerd meets arrogant jock. Now where have I seen this before?

So Monsters University is the story of Mike and Sullys first meeting, back when they were in University. Which apparently is a lot like normal university. Mike was an intellectual back in Uni, who basically went by the books and did everything the professors wanted him to while Sully was the arrogant jock with a legacy behind him. Together, the two bicker when they first meet but eventually team up to become the most effective duo in the history of man, Sounds like a bromance for the ages. 

Or it would if it wasn't really like every other college flick out there. I mean the premise isn't entirely new so what exactly does the Monsters Inc universe bring to it? Not very much really. Which is somewhat disappointing in a way. Don't get me wrong, Monsters University is a pretty entertaining film but it seems like a rehash of other films but dressed in a new skin and without any interesting new takes on the subject matter. I just expected more from Pixar.

One other thing I didn't like about the movie compared to the original, was that this film focused too much on Mike. From what I recall in the original film, the two were more of a duo that worked very well together, complementing each others strength and weaknesses. This film however, kind of destroys all that. In this film, it really makes it seem like Sully is the much much weaker, dependent in the relationship. Especially like lines like how Mike is the heart of the team; except in Monsters Inc, Sully IS the one with the heart, or how Sully is the one riding on Mike's coat tails etc. This becomes even sadder when you realise that Sully in Monsters Inc is basically useless if this was true. Since in the team, Mike needed Sully to be the scarer while Mike was the analytical one who analysed the situation. But at the end of Monsters Inc, scarers are no longer needed and Mike ends up being the one at the forefront. Then what use is Sully anymore? He becomes useless in the relationship at the end of Monsters Inc. Thanks Monsters U for ruining my perception of that friendship.

Overall, it was a decent film if you didn't watch Monsters Inc. I also liked the side-characters in it (ie, the rest of Ozma Kappa) and the few references they throw in for Monsters Inc, including the tale of how Randy the chameleon became a jerk.