Saturday, 29 March 2014

eReznik vs Issyria

Hmm, non-magical ranged attacks automatically miss me. *Looks at Ret warjacks, all magical ranged attacks* ....This is so not going to be good


Avatar of Menoth
Errants with UA
Idrian Skirmishers with UA
Errant Seneschal
Min. Choir
Vassal of Menoth


Magehunters with UA
Aiyana and Holt
Houseguard Thane
Magehunter Assassin
Magehunter Assassin

To be honest, I feel that this is probably one of the worst match-ups for eReznik in terms of faction. Mostly because their warjacks have boostable magical ranged attacks. Reznik2 isn't hard to spot or hard to miss either, being a battle engine and having only def 13. Assuming I'm camping an everage of 5 focus, that makes me armor 22, which means a direct hit on average boosted damage rolls would still deal me some damage. And he's got 2 warjacks to boot. Anyway, we play Scenario 11 and I go first. I choose the Halberdiers to be the Idrians prey. 

Turn 1
-Idrian Skirmishers run up the right flank and use their mini-feat, going into cover. Reznik does a ride-by attack, walks up, casts lamentation and death march on the daughters and then moves a bit further up. Choir sings no non-magical shooting on the Avatar. Devout walks to shieldguard Reznik if need be. Errants run up to the center. Avatar runs up the center. Nicia runs up the left flank, heading towards the center. 
+Some Mage hunters stand still to aim while others walk forward. They kill some daughters and Idrians. The assassins run towards the left, camping behind a forest, as does eEiryss. The arcanists walk up and give the jacks power booster. They run forward. Issyria walks up and casts inviolable resolve on the Halberdiers and then arcs a spell through the Phoenix into my Idrian Skirmishers. Hello blinding light. Ouch. Thane gives the Halberdiers desperate pace and they shieldwall and move up and then reform. Ouch. 

Turn 2
-Daughters vengeance up. I don't have anyone to hit within 3" but I use the movement to get my daughter around a small body of water. Reznik upkeeps lamentation and death march. I move forward and feat. At this point, I'm worry about his warjack charging me and killing me so I make sure to stay further away from it. Daughters charge his magehunters. Dammit, I forgot to make sure they were in CMD after vengeancing so one daughter ends up doing nothing but moving closer. Derp. Still, things explode. Idrians charge the halberdiers and things explode too. I roll more 9s on 2d6s at this moment that I deserve to. Errants walk up and start shooting but most of them are still out of the 5" needed to hit stealthed units and the ones that are miss. Nicia runs forward to engage some Magehunters. Choir sings no non-magical shooting and Vassal gives enliven. Avatar uses Menoths gaze and runs up.
+So most of his magehunters are engaged, which is good I guess. He gives 1 focus to each jack and upkeeps IR. The magehunters CMA Nicia to death amazingly enough. They also kill off my remaining daughters. The phoenix walks up into the zone. Houseguard Thane gives the halberdiers desperate pace. The halberdiers shieldwall up and kill some Idrians. Issyria lobs blinding light via the arc node into the Idrians again. Ouch. He also casts admonition the Phoenix. Discordia sprays the Avatar and deals 6 points of damage to it. Ouch, wth. I enliven up towards the Phoenix but I don't engage it which is a mistake. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep lamentation. Seriously should have just dropped this spell considering Issyria has an arcnode. Anyway, errants charge the magehunters and magehunter assassins. I miss a lot and only kill a few magehunters. Meanwhile, my Idrians can't shoot and end up having to charge the Halberdiers again. Here's where I make a crucial mistake. Due to my Avatar moving up, he's no longer within enliven range of my vassal. I also can not charge the phoenix because it's admonitioned. I choose to have choir sing battle and the avatar goes up and kills the objective. And then use Menoths Gaze. Which is a huge mistake. Reznik moves up into the zone. 
+He gives 3 focus to each jacks. Arcanists gives one concentrated power but the other is out of range. It takes both of them to kill the Avatar of Menoth. Houseguard Thane gives desperate pace again and Halberdiers shieldwall and kill more Idrians again. It's a slow attrition match on that side of the table. Meanwhile, Magehunters are killing errants and I'm running out of them. 

Turn 4
-I decide I need to end this. What I'm worried about the most are the two jacks. I cast creators wrath on myself, charge the two charges. Impact both of them. I get additional dice to both attack and damage on impact, hit them and deal a fair bit of damage to them. I kill off the Phoenix and then for some reason I decide to try hitting Discordia. After spending 1 focus on Discordia, I decide there's no way to kill and camp the rest of my focus, which is 2. Errants try to kill the Mage Hunter assassins again and miss!. Errant Seneschal assaults Aiyana and kills her. 
+3 focus to Discordia. Issyria casts blinding light on Reznik. The Magehunters kill off my errants, as does Holt. Clearing a path for one mage hunter assassin to charge me. He...misses. Arcanists gives Discordia concentrated power and it walks up and beats me to death.

Thoughts on game
Uh...blinding light was brutal on my Idrians. Very Brutal. They're already an expensive unit at 12 points and being half-neutered during the whole game didn't help at all. This was the first time I was using the Avatar. I don't often use him but thought I'd try him out. He's pretty interesting and gaze of menoth can be pretty good but I still don't like his random focus generation. 

Reznik2 was an interesting caster. Creators wrath is a bit bonkers with him, especially with impact attacks. Plus it's an upkeep spell so I definitely prefer it to Engine of Destruction. But I'm just not sure how good Lamentation is when my opponent can just sling spells through arc nodes at me. And Reznik2 doesn't really like to be upfront either because while he may be hard to shoot to death unless you have magical weapons, charging him works fine. However, I still feel like he's lacking something in terms of helping him survive more often. Either purity ward or defensive strike. Or I would love flashing blade too. Or *thresher. Although the last two are so extremely unlikely.