Monday, 17 March 2014

Menya Musashi

301 Upper Thomson Road, #01-112, Thomson Plaza
So...more Ramen....

Okay, this restaurant opened up a while ago but I never really had a chance to go down and eat there. Mostly because while I like Ramen, I'm not a huge fan of it and also because I prefer to eat my Ramen in Japan. 

Anyway, the shtick of the joint is the fact that they serve Ramen in different sauces. There's the normal miso one for the traditionalists for me, then there's the black and the red. The black is slightly thicker than the traditional white miso and I can only assume the red means it's spicier. I have no idea, I tried the white. 

So I ordered myself a normal Chashu Miso Ramen. The good thing is that it actually comes with a soft-boiled egg which is a luxury not many chains provide. The pork looks big and sumptuous enough and the portions are fairly decently sized. 

If I were to compare it to a normal Ramen in Singapore, I'd have to say this was pretty good. However, if I was to compare it to Ramen in Japan however, it'd still be lacking a certain something. The pork while big was a bit too tough to truly be great. Most of the Chashu I've eaten in japan almost melt in your mouth. That's how soft and tender they are. However, this one in Singapore was a bit dry so required a bit more chewing. The broth was pretty good as were the noodles. So really, it's just the tenderness of the pork holding the Ramen back.

Overall, this was a fairly decent meal and I would say I probably would come back here to eat Ramen again if I felt like having Ramen.