Monday, 24 March 2014

Vindictus vs Kraye

Wth, 2 Stormwalls man. Luckily my opponent didn't put down eHaley as well or I probably would have reached across the table to smack him upside the head. 

Vindictus (tier 4)

Zealots with UA
Errants with UA
Errants with UA
Min. Choir
Errant Seneschal

Errant Seneschal


Katherine Laddermore

Oh god. Must kill those Stormlances... Anyway, back to Vindictus Tier 4. Looking at this match-up, I have NFI how I'm going to crack the Stormwalls armor. Granted I can actually charge this time but still...2 colossals when most of my infantry are pow 9 weaponmasters is a bit...uh...daunting. I go 2nd and we do the famous 3 flags scenario. 

Turn 1
-He gives 1 focus to 1 stormwall. That stormwall activates and runs up the center. Kraye activates and casts fulltilt on the other stormwall. It moves up the same distance as the first, towards the center. His stormlances run up the right flank, towards the right flank, with Katherine Laddermore going in between the Stormwalls and the stormlances. He's going to be quite disadvantaged if the flag on the right disappears but I think he doesn't dare split the 2 Stormwalls apart for some reason. 
+Errants with UA run up the center. Other unit of errants run up the left. Vindictus walks up, casts true path, casts sacrifice and removes a zealot and casts defenders ward on the errants in the center. This leaves me totally dry on focus. I also feat since most of my models are within my control area. Choir walks up and casts passage. My warjacks then move up and completely book me from LOS. With 3 huge bases in front of me, I don't think he can kill me with range. Just to be safe, I run zealots up so I have plenty of meatshields. Also, left most flag disappears. 

Turn 2 shooting my jacks for him. He drops fulltilt since even with it on he doesn't have enough space to trample through my troops and land in an empty space and hope to kill Vindictus. Katherine Laddermore moves up to try and shoot the DWed Errants and misses. Stormlances do a rideby to try and shoot the DWed Errants and miss also. Just when I wanted him to do damage to me. Kraye casts guided fire and the stormwalls lay waste into my errants, while dropping covering fire to help block my charge path. One of the stormwalls move up so he's contesting the center flag. Rhupert gives the stormlances tough
+I upkeep DW. My zealots run up towards the right flag, contesting it while mini-feating at the same time. Vindictus moves up, casts truepath and sacrifice, leaving me dry on focus. But that's okay, I have a zealot nearby to take shots for me. Errants in the center charge Katherine Laddermore and some Stormlances. I kill the stormlances but fail to kill Laddermore or even dismount her. Choir sings passage again and the Jacks run up to space themselves out on top of the hill. I'm just planning to keep singing passage and having my jacks shield me from being shot to death. 

Turn 3
-3 focus to a Stormwall. Kraye casts Guided fire. However, his stormwalls do not bother to move from their current position. Otoh, if he wants to let me get the flag, I'm okay with that. He kills more errants and choir with his Stormwall. Katherine kills the errant engaging her. The stormlances kill errants as well. Rhupert gives them tough. 
+I upkeep DW. Now I can only passage 2 jacks, which is sad. The zealots walk up and start bombarding Stormlances, killing a few. Errants charge and kill off the rest. Somehow I fail to dismount Laddermore again. Errant Seneschal goes and controls the flag for 1 CP. Meanwhile, my left unit of errants is just pinging away at one of the Stormwalls, preventing it from moving away without trampling or taking a free strike. I cast Sacrifice and Vindictus moves ever so much closer to the right flag. My jacks get passage from the choir and move to block Vindictus from LOS again, with the Castigator being the sacrificial lamb and walking out in front to block charge lanes. Almost all the action is being clustered on the right side but I'm also slowly losing a lot of errants to the Stormwalls continuously shooting me every turn. I gain 1CP.
Turn 4
-3 focus to Stormwall. He moves rhupert up to contest the flag. He casts Guided fire again. The stormwalls continue to lay down covering fire and shooting, but this time they have a jack to shoot. My Castigator which couldn't get passage due to me only have 2 choir members left. Laddermore kills the errant engaging her again. 
+I drop DW. Zealots move forward and kill Rhupert. Errants on the right side kill Laddermore. Choir sings more passage on the 2 reckoners. Vindictus walks up, casts DW on himself and casts sacrifice, giving all jacks 1 focus. He also makes sure to place himself so that there's lots of Zealots nearby. The Castigator walks into the Stormwall on the leftmost and starts beating him. He's on fire but he's also blocked from trampling forward. Errants on the left keep beating that same stormwall, downing one side eventually. I gain 2 CP at the end of this, leaving me at 3/5 needed to win. 

Turn 5
-Well, if he doesn't contest somehow, he loses. He can't trample because I've blocked the lane with my troops. He decides to risk it all. 3 focus to the Stormwall on the right. He casts Guided fire again. The stormwall on the left shoots a few errants away. The stormwall on the right walks up and lightning-pods some errants blocking LOS to Vindictus and tries to hit Vindictus with his shots. I sac pawn the first shot. Then he realises I have enough zealots nearby to sac pawn almost everything else. He ends his turn, giving me the 2CP I need to win. 

Thoughts on game
Thank Menoth for passage. There was almost no way I could have taken down those 2 stormwalls with my list. I just didn't have the focus or infantry power to crack that much armor. 

I think Vindictus is probably one of those casters who like to feat early so as to help make sure as much of his army survives as possible. Of course, it did nothing to a multi-wound army but that's just the general way I feel his feat should be used. 

I wasn't certain why my opponent didn't just try to jam 1 stormwall in my face because that would have been hard to deal with, especially with another stormwall looming nearby but I suppose it's because once he lost one of those stormwalls, he would have been severely boned. And I managed to keep screening my jacks with passage and infantry, preventing him from reaching them. Still, it would have been a tad more useful than always casting guided fire.